The Best Dinnerware Sets of 2022

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Investing in the best dinnerware sets is an excellent opportunity to upgrade your kitchen and wow your friends during parties. There is chip resistant dinnerware, break-resistant dinnerware, and lightweight dinnerware to choose from. Unbreakable dinnerware is incredibly popular now that they are more cost-effective.

Corelle Chip Resistant Dinnerware Set (6-Piece)

Corelle is a fantastic dinnerware brand that has set the stage for high-end dinnerware for decades. This set is made of triple-layered compressed glass that resists chipping and cracking easily. It’s almost impossible to break Corelle dinnerware unless you set a hammer on. This dinnerware set is also very hygienic, which is super important (especially now) and is also non-porous, which makes it easy to clean, all the time. This set is also very lightweight and can be handled even by a child with no issues dropping it. You can place your Corelle dishes in the dishwasher, and they are also instantly microwave-safe. With the manufacturer’s excellent three-year warranty, you won’t have to worry about a thing anymore. It comes with elegant signature blue and gray bands – a perfect accompaniment to any kitchen.

Customer reviews show:

  • The dinnerware set is very lightweight, so it can be carried easily even if you have an arm or shoulder injury.
  • The design is quite popular with many customers, and they buy similarly patterned sets to complete their collection.
  • The store was responsive to replacing bowls that had any defects in them during shipping.
  • The Portofino design is exquisite and a definite crowd-pleaser.

Corelle 18-Piece Service for Six (Chip-Resistant)

This is a massive, 18-piece set with six appetizer plates, six cereal bowls, and six large dinner plates. The black and white design is bold and striking, with pearls and ribbons at the forefront of the design. Like the previous set, this Corelle set is made up of triple-layer glass that quickly resists impact and chipping. If you have trouble with your dinnerware always cracking, this would be the perfect set to have. Replace your old dinnerware with a set that would outlast regular dinnerware easily. Corelle has made it a point to be one of the most durable brands in the dinnerware market while maintaining the lightweight dimensions of the plates. Corelle is also super hygienic and does away with porous surfaces, which are more comfortable than ever to clean.

According to customer reviews:

  • The plates are super safe because they are lead-free.
  • Plain Corelle plates are unique because they have attractive, embossed designs.
  • The dinner plates are well-made and align perfectly with each other.
  • The plates are great for homes with small kids, because even if the kids drop the plates and bowls, they don’t crack.
  • The plates and bowls are not easy to chip at all and are excellent or heavy use.
  • Care must still be taken as the impact is still the enemy of fragile objects such as anything made with glass.

Tabletops Gallery Embossed Bone White Porcelain Collection

We’re taking a short break from different Corelle series to introduce this unique collection of vitrified porcelain. Vitrified porcelain is reliable and very durable, in addition to being super attractive. According to the manufacturer, vitrified porcelain is crafted in higher temperatures than glass and regular porcelain, making it unbreakable and chip-resistant, to boot.

Dropping items like knives and forks won’t scratch or split the porcelain in the middle. We love the idea of vitrified porcelain because even more expensive porcelain sets are hard to keep because they can chip and crack easily, even with just a little pressure. Who says you can’t enjoy a fancy dinnerware set in a home with kids?

Customers say:

  • This dinnerware set is ideal for people who want a simple dinnerware set with a classic or antique look. No fancy prints – just a classic aura that everyone would appreciation
  • The vitrified ceramic is thin and compact while being very hard. It is not the hardest of all plates, but if you need something fancier when having guests over, this is an excellent bundle to have.

 Corelle Chip Resistant Dinnerware Set (Boho Daydream)

This is another stunning set from Corelle. This time, they have done away with the traditional simplicity of the classic dinnerware set to replace it with, quite frankly, a most exciting design that is rare for high-end dinnerware. The vivid curves and ribbons, plus the yellow banding that brings things into perspective, are all part of the Boho Daydream Collection that is bound to wow everyone. Like other Corelle sets, the Boho Daydream collection is easy to clean, is a fantastic space saver, and is very hygienic to use. The color scheme is perfect for celebrations and other occasions where you need a splash of color to liven up the dinner table.

Feedback shows that:

  • This dinnerware set is perfect for all ages, regardless of how strong you are. You can carry the bowls and plates with both hands with little strain.
  • People are happy with how durable Corelle plates are.
  • The color scheme is a plus factor for many buyers.

Corelle Service for 6 (Chip Resistant)

This is an eighteen-piece set that includes six full-sized dinner plates, six smaller appetizer plates, and six soup bowls (16 ounces). Discover a world of durability and excellent design with this Corelle Service set. And as we have discussed earlier, you can expect the entire set to be easy to clean and hygienic because of the non-porous triple glass plating technology that the manufacturer used to create the set. Corelle plates and bowls are also made in the United States so that the quality control will be higher, and you will love how much they have advanced their chip-resistant technology after all these years.

Current reviews show that:

  • The description of the product is spot on, and people get every item on the list.
  • They are lightweight and durable.
  • Some people use the dinner plates as lunch plates, too, which make the plates doubly useful.

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