Top 5 Waterproof Mattress Covers of 2022

by iupilon

If you have been looking for a waterproof mattress cover, zippered mattress cover, or twin mattress cover, you’ve found the right blog. Today we are giving you a premium breakdown of the top five zippered mattress protectors this year, including choices for a waterproof mattress cover queen size for your home.

Utopia Bedding Zippered Mattress (Twin)

Utopia Bedding is now offering a full, twin-size zippered mattress that is manufactured from knitted polyester. Knitted polyester fits cushions and beds perfectly, and this fabric is also super comfortable and does the job well each time. This mattress encasement is comfortable, and its durable zippers can secure your mattress all around with little difficulty. It is OEKO-TEX certified, which means the fabric meets international safety and environmental sustainability requirements. This Utopia Bedding mattress protector is easily washed and maintained. It is machine-washable and can be tumble-dried as well.

Customer reviews show that this twin bedding is excellent for fast remedies for addressing bed bugs. One reviewer waited an entire year before posting her review, and it turns out that in the twelve months that they used this bedding, they were able to stop the bed bugs from biting.

This reviewer further updated the review another twelve months later, saying that they are still clear of bed bugs, and it has been a full two years since she purchased the mattress cover. What is impressive is that after two years, the covers she purchased are still in excellent condition. She is not removing the covers because she is not taking in chances with the bed bugs.

LINENSPA Premium Fabric Mattress Protector

The LINENSPA Premium Fabric Mattress Protector is made of quiet, soft, and durable polyester. The topmost layer is 100% waterproof, making it ideal for repelling all liquids, from beverage spills to urine. If you are having trouble with sweat and other uncomfortable liquids on your bed, then you need a high-quality mattress protector like LINENSPA.

Customer reviews about this mattress protector are overwhelmingly positive, especially about the mattress protector’s ability to protect underneath liquids. One user said that her daughter had several accidents on the bed, and there wasn’t a single leak to be found, as the mattress cover took care of the accidents. This LINENSPA mattress cover’s edges are elastic, which means it will not easily slide around and slip off, even if several people are on the bed. Think of it as a standard fitted sheet that does not go all the way around the mattress. Additionally, there have been no reviews about this mattress cover being torn easily.

PlushDeluxe Premium Bamboo Mattress Protector

The PlushDeluxe Premium Bamboo Mattress Protector offers an excellent protection layer to preserve expensive mattresses that are painful to wash and maintain. This mattress protector promises the softest and most comfortable experience ever. This mattress is made of delicate and natural bamboo fabric and is not made from plastic or PVC. The leading layer or membrane of the PlushDeluxe mattress protector is highly absorbent. It removes all the moisture quickly, and this prevents leaks underneath. Leave all your worried behind with this natural bamboo fabric protector as it is also naturally hypoallergenic and is ideal for protecting your mattress against perspiration, spills, and even urine.

Reviews of this mattress protector are positive, with users saying that it is not hot on the skin than other mattress protectors, and it can also help people who suffer from hot flashes in the morning. People who suffer from hot flashes tend to sweat a lot, and the last thing they want is having to deal with more sweat and more temperature increases. Luckily, this mattress protector has an efficient wicking action because it’s made from highly absorbent bamboo fabric. Another user said that she used the mattress protector mainly for her elderly relative who suffered from incontinence. She reports that no urine goes past the mattress at all, and they have stopped using incontinence pads. 

Ultra Plush 100% Waterproof Premium Mattress Protector

This king-size waterproof mattress protector is an excellent addition to any bedroom as it has been manufactured with ease of application in mind. This mattress had extra deep pockets to ensure a snugger fit, so no mattress protector area slips away. If you have been searching for a mattress protector that won’t make your headache when you are trying to fit it over a king-size bed, look no further. The mattress protector features an innovative design that helps people stay cool while on the bed all night while providing excellent wicking action to make your nights dry and genuinely comfortable. The manufacturer also stated that their mattress protector is the only one in the market that has surpassed the 100-gallon flooding test.

Customer reviews revealed that the manufacturer was very responsive and was willing to work with different customer issues, even forwarding a replacement within days’ even if there were even small complaints. The general feedback about the mattress protector is that it has some bunching issues in the middle (that can be remedied with mattress tensioners). But all in all, it provides good absorption and will survive several washes, even more than those from more expensive brands.

SafeRest Full Size Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress

The SafeRest waterproof mattress comes in several sizes and is designed to repel not just moisture, but also dust mites/bed bugs and all kinds of fluids that might make it your bed. This is a highly recommended waterproof mattress for households that suffer from bed bug problems, asthma, and seasonal allergies. According to the manufacturer, it will also retain the feel of the mattress underneath.

Reviews are somehow mixed, with some users saying that the waterproofing works well, with others seemingly on the fence about it. Overall, however, it has a good rating and is worth a try if you need their sizes.

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