5 Best Indoor Grills in 2022

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What is the best indoor grill of 2022? We’ve taken a look at the best indoor grills in 2022, so you can make the best choice while shopping. If you loved the power and convenience of Master Forge Grill outdoors, you also want something similar when grilling your favorite meats in the kitchen. Find the best indoor grill of them all and change the way you cook at home for good.

Ninja Foodi 5-In-1 Indoor Grill

The Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 Indoor Grill is the top of its class and is our number one indoor grill in this review. It can sear, grill, crisp, and air-fry food quickly. It is a titan among indoor grills with its full stainless steel casing and convenient and safe cover.

It is an ideal indoor grill with automatic controls for precise cooking temperatures and cooking times, too. It can generate up to 500° Fahrenheit of cooking energy, and this circulates throughout the cooking chamber to create the conditions for charring and streaking your meats.

If you want generous grill marks and the flavor of outdoor grilled meat, you can rely on the Ninja Food Indoor Grill. Every venture to cooking provides juicy and flavorful cooked meats, thanks to Ninja Foodi’s patented Cyclonic Grilling Technology. This indoor grill has high BTU cooking power to provide the needed energy for different kinds of cooking. Place it on your countertop night and day for fast and convenient food for the entire family.  

George Foreman 5-Serving Indoor Grill

The George Foreman series of indoor grills is iconic, and the brand has been around for more than 20 years already.

What started as a craze on TV shopping has successfully transitioned to a well-loved international brand that can be purchased online easily. The current 5-serving model is a hefty remake of the classic fatless George Foreman indoor grill. We see that the manufacturer has retained the traditional slanted grill designed to remove the meats’ oil as it is being cooked.

If you cook your meats properly, they will remain juicy regardless of the design. This indoor grill provides a hefty 72 inches of cooking space so everyone can have their meat at the same time. Perfect for lunch and dinner when all you want to do is kick back and relax, and let the George Foreman grill do its work.

The girl plates are removable so you can safely place them in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Again, this is a significant improvement on what was established before with the classic George Foreman grill, where the grill plate was built into the device, and you had to clean the grill manually.

Cuisinart Silver Griddler

Cuisinart’s inspired design is another contender for the best indoor grill for 2022. Cuisinart has earned the trust of millions of customers over the years, and it is a trusted brand in kitchen appliances.

Occupying the higher-end range for indoor grills, we think Cuisinart’s 5-in-1 Silver Griddler deserves a spot because the indoor grill is solidly built. It also provides sufficient space for indoor grilling for the entire family. The body of the indoor grill is also beautifully brushed stainless steel. This is a panini-style indoor grill, so you can also make delicious sandwiches easily without having to shift to another cooking appliance. The floating cover design is also super convenient. We especially love the fact that they added a large safety handle, so you will never have to venture to handle the cover manually.

Like the George Foreman variant, Cuisinart has ensured more natural cleaning for this appliance by making the grilling plate removable. This means you don’t have to worry about all the grease and carbon after cooking anywhere. The grill plate is nonstick and dishwasher safe, too.

KRUPS Precision Indoor Grill

KRUPS is a fighting brand for the indoor grill category. The design is just as reliable as the others. The manufacturer has taken the time to amend the classic design for the indoor electric grill to make it even more convenient than before. We like that they place all of the electrical controls on the handle, which sits directly in front of the user and is elevated, too, for better viewing.

What is immediately apparent with this indoor grill is that manufacturer wants you to use it for all kinds of meats and cooking. It wants to replace not just your outdoor grill but also your pans – because you can do everything with it!

There are cooking settings for every imaginable meat, from red meat, burger, panini, chicken, and fish. The electrical grill allows you to set the cooking power in precise increments to ensure that your meats will be cooked properly. You are no more guessing the cooking power range anymore. The cooking power goes from 250° Fahrenheit to 500°Fahrenheit with a turn of the knob.

There are also clear-cut settings for cooking steaks so you can hit the desired level of cooking quickly. Adjust the KRUPS indoor grill depending on the pleasure of the tastebuds, from well done, medium-well, medium, medium-rare, and rare. Rare can be particularly challenging on indoor electric grills, but they’ve found a way to adjust the cooking power into such tiny increments that it’s fantastic.

Philips Smoke-Less Indoor BBQ Grill

Philips is a world leader in electrical appliances (among other things), so it makes sense to include their take on the indoor BBQ grill. This model, which comes from the Avance Collection, uses unique infrared technology to direct the food’s heat. This increases efficiency and ensures proper cooking time and deliciously grilled food each time. This indoor grill is built with a cooled-down drip tray, which reduces the oil on the hot grill’s surface. The drip tray catches the oil and dramatically cuts down the smoke. According to the manufacturer, this results in “virtually smoke-free indoor grilling.” While some customers say that there’s still smoke, we think this is natural for anyone grilling, because some oil from the food is bound to make contact with the heat. All in all, this indoor grill from Avance Collection is promising.

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