4 Top Bathroom Counter Organizers for 2022

by iupilon

It’s almost the holidays, and it’s common for folks to refresh their bathrooms with a new bathroom counter organizer for their bathroom counter shelf. Bathroom countertop organizers can help you save on counter space, so you can have more of what you love in the bathroom: store more bath and space accessories and supplies.

Bath bombs, soaps, lotions – have more of these where you can easily reach them. Tiered bathroom counter organizers Allow you to double or triple the number of bathroom accessories and supplies you can have directly in the bathroom. Invest in new bathroom countertop storage today and feel the difference.

madesmart 2-Tier Organizer Slide-Out Baskets

If you are a fan of clear plastic organizers, madesmart’s newest design is for you.

They have designed this two-tiered bathroom organizer to be as versatile as possible. The bins have high walls that prevent smaller accessories and supplies from spilling or falling out of the bins. The durable steel frames serve as natural dividers for the two tiers.

Get a few of these organizers, and you can easily organize your entire home from the office to the bathroom with ease. These plastic bins are BPA-free, making them safer to have around in your home, for both adults and babies alike.

madesmart is proudly a woman-led company, so you help women-led businesses thrive in these challenging times when you buy.

This 2-tier organizer can be used in various locations at home. Use it in the bathroom to organize essentials such as makeup brushes, makeup, lotions, soaps, and essential oils.

Use the bottom bin for incense, aromatherapy products, and other spa essentials that you want handy in the bathroom. The plastic used provides sufficient transparency that allows users to check out the contents of each bin easily.

FLE 2-Tier Standing Rack & Bathroom Organizer

FLE’s take on the bathroom organizer takes us back to the minimalist era, where clean lines and deep, luxurious colors are the orders of the day. The streamlined design is a boon to equally minimalistic bathrooms that emphasize beauty and function minus the clutter.

The manufacturer uses Nordic styling for this organizer, and we love the fact that the bottom rack has so much space that you have several more inches above the bottles for extra-tall ones. The bottom rack can probably handle six to seven rolled face towels or three to four well-rolled, full-sized towels.

The sturdy and beautiful design is excellent for all parts of the house, not just the bathroom. We can envision people putting this on their kitchen countertop, in the office, or even in the living room. Liven up the center of the dining room table and place fruit bowls for everyone to enjoy.

The frame is made of hard iron, which makes this organizer sturdy, and the material guarantees long years of use.

The organizer is so sturdy that you can even fill the bins with small plants, and it would hold up well, regardless of the weight. This is an ideal investment, one that you won’t regret if you are into minimalist décor and organizers.

Jack Cube Design Hair Dryer Holder and Organizer

Sometimes, you have to have a proper bathroom organizer for your brushes and hairdryer. It’s awesome that Jack Cube created an awesome design, mainly for hairdryers/blowers.

The organizer feature three larger spaces for brushes and accessories like curling irons and a hair blower. The front section provides sufficient space for a couple of bottles of spa and bath supplies, but not much else.

This type of organizer is useful for people who want deep compartments. If you are not a fan of squished together bottles and supplies, then use this instead. The entire organizer is covered with PU leather (synthetic leather), so it is cruelty-free and retains its awesome look that will surely last a long time.

We emphasize this organizer because you don’t get to see matte black leather organizers every day, and certainly, they don’t make these frequently for the bathroom. Bathroom themes are often white and metallic, mirroring the rest of the bathroom.

If you have a dark bathroom or love black or dark décor, you can have an option. You don’t always have to buy white plastic bins. While there is lesser storage space, this organizer more than makes it up for it provides sufficient compartments for larger tools in the bathroom.

ROLOWAY Wooden Hair Tool Organizer

ROLOWAY’s take on the bathroom organizer is not much different from Jack Cube. We noticed that the two sections are given equal spacing, so you have more storage in front.

Compared to the Jack Cube design, most of the space was given to the back’s deeper compartments. ROLOWAY has also split the front section of this organizer.

About ¼ of the front space was divided into two spaces for smaller items like moisturizers, lip tints, and brushes. Larger items can be placed in the wider trough beside the subdivision. The show’s star is the three metal-lined compartments for different tools like your hairdryer and your irons.

And did we say that this organizer is made of wood? This is another innovation that people would like because normally, the first choice is plastic for bathroom organizers.

However, if you use would that have varnish or resin as an outer layer, moisture won’t be a problem.

Of course, we wouldn’t soak this in water or spray it, but since it’s going to be for your tools, we think that you would naturally keep it away from water, nonetheless. Remember: this organizer has six compartments, but only three are large enough for a hair blower.

People who prefer a more compact design will love this. It’s a versatile organizer that will be useful in the office, too. If you happen to have a pen collection, this type of organizer will work well in that context, too.

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