Roofing Repairs You Might Need in Canadian Climates

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Roofing problems are typical occurrences for property owners in Canada. Because your roofs endure harsh climatic conditions all year round, you can hardly avoid roof problems. An improperly constructed roofing system will eventually give in to outdoor elements, from the snow and ice storms to freezing cold temperatures in the winter and the heavy rains in the summer.

Luckily, Edmonton roofing expert is here to assist homeowners. The team at Edmonton is qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced in fixing roof problems you might encounter.

Here are the common roof repairs Canadian homeowners might need:

Roof Leak Repairs

While there are many tips to consider when renovating your home, a leaking roof is a sign that you need a roofing repair expert. You can assess roof leaks by frequently checking your attic after a heavy downfall.

Thoroughly check for any signs of water leakage because the attic is the section that is likely to experience a heavy leakage. Additionally, you should check for any signs of ice dams. Remember that the melting snow can form ice dams on the roofs. If snow flows to the roof’s tiny holes, it freezes again to form ice dams.

You only need minor repairs if only a roof section has leaks. On the other hand, you need a complete roof replacement if the roofing system has leaks on most parts.

Roof Crack Repair

Storms and high winds can damage roofs, as previously experienced in Northern Alberta village. If the roof crack is minimal, you should only replace the affected shingles. However, perform a comprehensive repair if the damage spreads to most roof parts. It is often a good idea to replace your roof after three years of performing repairs.

A good way of determining whether your roof has cracks is to look up through the attic. If you see the light penetrating from the ceiling, it indicates the presence of cracks, and you need to fix them within the shortest time possible. You might need to undertake a complete replacement if the gaps are wide and spread out throughout the roof.

Roof Flashing

Roof flashing helps prevent potential leakage at vulnerable roof areas, such as the valleys, chimneys, around skylights and dormers, and plumbing stacks. Flashing is often made of sturdy steel or aluminum installed at the vulnerable sections of the roofing system, where it contracts and expands to direct water away.

Since roof flashing is one of the most labor-intensive and time-consuming parts of roof installation, some installers tend to neglect and rush the process. Abrupt temperature changes cause extreme roof flashing expansion and contraction, making it essential to install these parts correctly.

Even when installed by experts, roof flashing can rust, become damaged, or the sealant may dry up and crack. Frequent roof inspections, quick repairs, and replacements are essential to keep your home secure and your roofing system optimally.

Is Regular Roof Inspection Important?

Yes. Knowing your roofing system’s state is vital for your property. It’s essential to keep the roof in perfect condition and perform regular inspections and maintenance to prevent potential damages. Now that you know the things to check out to determine whether a roof requires replacement or repair, frequently examine the roof and take the essential measures.

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