Top 5 Premium Paring Knives in 2022

by iupilon

A reliable paring knife is essential for any kitchen as it does all the work that a standard 8” knife can’t. Using the best paring knife also reduces the work time needed for many tasks. In some cases, a serrated paring knife is better for slicing through denser vegetables and avoiding slipping. We have collected the best paring knives in Amazon to select from the best ones this year. If you have been looking for reliable paring knife reviews and would like to buy the best paring knives to replace your old ones, you have come to the right blog.

Shun Paring Knife Classic

Shun is a leader in VG-10 kitchen knives and offers a wide range of blades for different needs. The Shun Classic Paring Knife is an affordable addition to any knife collection and is designed to be friendly to all kinds of users, from beginners to advanced chefs. This knife features a unique D-shaped blade with a resin-coated PakkaWood handle for a more comfortable grip and higher handle durability. The layered steel has a fantastic look and texture as well. Use this paring knife for any kitchen task, including paring, slicing, dicing, and peeling fruits and vegetables. This blade boasts maximum edge retention and a patented VG-10 blade technology for long years of service.

Customers who bought the Shun Classic say that it is indeed a high-performance blade that is super sharp, so be careful when using it and be extra attentive with your fingers. They also advise in letting the knife do the work and not “hack away” at vegetables and fruits to get a better experience. Many say that you should use this Shun Classic as you would sharp German knives as well.

Zelite Infinity Paring Knife

Staying true to the tradition established by Zelite, this paring knife is a work of art and is designed for heavy use in different kitchens. It is longer than the average paring knife at four inches, and it has a beautiful handle that is ergonomic and easier to grip. If you have a weak wrist or trouble grasping objects because of your fingers’ joints, we recommend paring knives like Zelite offers.  

Customers who have purchased the Zelite Infinity Paring Knife say that it’s an excellent blade for general kitchen use and more specialized uses like cutting bagels. This knife is also useful as a bread knife. While we recommend using a bread knife for denser bread, it’s possible to cut bread properly when the blade doesn’t bite and if the edge is extra sharp. Users attest that the edge does not dull quickly after months of use, and the handle is also durable.

Mercer Culinary Millennia Paring Knives

Suppose you want more than one sharp paring knife in your collection, head over to the Mercer Culinary Millennia collection. They offer a three-pack of sharp paring knives for people who need slim and ergonomic handles. The handles are made of Santoprene and combined with polypropylene for added comfort during use. This paring knives pack is NSF certified and is outfitted with high-quality Japanese steel for the best cutting experience yet.

Users of this paring knife set can quickly relate how they could use the knives for many of their everyday kitchen tasks efficiently and quickly. One review stated that his wife regularly prepares massive quantities of vegetables for a friend’s restaurant. The number of vegetables being prepared every weekend exceeded 50 pounds. This means the Mercer Culinary Millennia paring knives are excellent for heavy and continuous use. It is also excellent for basic tasks like scoring and slicing fruits and vegetables. These knives are indeed an excellent investment for your kitchen if you value efficiency and performance, even for your smaller knives.

DALSTRONG Gladiator Series Paring Knife

DALSTRONG is an award-winning brand known for cutting-edge designs and superior materials. This paring knife is made with German steel and is polished at 14°-16° to provide a decisive edge for kitchen work. This paring knife is also a full-tang assemble with a G-10 handle, which is military-grade and hand-polished to perfection. The design emphasizes ergonomics, efficiency, and ease of use with its 56+ hardness rating and nearly zero blade resistance or friction during use.

User reviews about this DALSTRONG knife are positive, with emphasis on how easy it is to use. Some say that it came with too many unnecessary items, but on the whole, it has been a good experience for the customers. Like other knives, and paring knife will begin to show signs of corrosion if they are not handled well, so take care not to immerse your blade in hot water and be careful with the chemicals that you use in the kitchen as these may be corrosive and cause rusting across the edge of the blade.

HENCKELS J.A. INTERNATIONAL Accessories Paring Knife

If you are looking for a four-piece paring knife set, HENCKELS J.A. International Accessories is the right choice. This set includes the coveted bird’s beak peeler, a straight edge peeler, a classic paring knife, and one serrated paring knife for bread and roasts. You are going to get an all-in-one set that is very portable because the knives are so short. The knives are also equipped with multicolor handles, so they’re easier to spot when you are working in the kitchen.

Reviews are encouraging, with many users stating that they use the set frequently and daily. Daily use without a miss is an indicator of quality, something we all like in our new knives. The knives are considered to be “reasonably sharp,” and they’re excellent for most kitchen tasks. The only negative feedback is that the handles appear to be smaller and slimmer than usual. This may be a point of contention for people who want to grip their knife better when working.

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