The 3 Best Cookwares for MSR Pocket Rocket

by iupilon

Having the ability to compress your load is essential regardless of whether you climb mountains or do ultralight fastpacking. If you keep your pack’s gear systems closer together, you’ll prevent excessive danglers outside of your camping bag. Organizing your gear as well as possible helps you find things more quickly. Space-saving opportunities can be found on your backpacking cookware. Pots can hold just about anything: stoves, utensils, mugs, and more.

There should be multiple uses for everything that you choose to bring with you. One way to think of this is to consider MSR’s Pocket Rocket, which is exceptionally light, collapses down to fit in the pack. As a result, you have a backpack full of gear, plus another mountain piled on top of it. The pack also gives you the option to go for a smaller (and thus lighter) version if you prefer.

TOAKS Titanium 750 mL Pot

The Toaks Titanium pot was built for minimalists, but it does well enough for lightweight backpackers of all stripes and at a great price. When it comes to weight, you might also go with the Toaks, as there are many reasons to choose them over other pots.

When you purchase the Toaks Titanium 750 mL cookpot, you get quality construction for a very affordable price. In addition, the lightweight and sleek design make it a go-to choice for lightweight backpackers looking for a single pot, mug, or bowl to perform all tasks.


  • This camping pot is comfortable to use, thanks to its foldaway handles and lid, which don’t add unnecessary weight. However, titanium cookware has to fit a 110g fuel canister, and thus it is wide and flat.
  • When you purchase the 750 mL option, you get a vessel that can be used as a mug and a pot. This Toaks 750 mL is just the right size to work well as a desktop and a traveling mug.
  • Fitted with the Toaks 750 mL fuel canister, the MSR Pocket Rocket 2 can also accommodate a 110g fuel canister and a small backpacking stove. While we don’t specifically cover alcohol stoves in our stove guide, this also works with them.


  • Sometimes, pottery may not work well as a mug because it can be too much like a pot. People often have this issue with wide-mouthed drinking glasses, as they risk dribbling with every sip.
  • Except for the MSR Titan Titanium pot, several customers haven’t seen any complaints about the lack of a “snap” when the lid is put into place. It’s easy to remove the top, which means it’s relatively loose.
  • In addition, a rubber band is required when you put your cooking pot in your backpack, as the lid will fly off the cookware and spill its contents (hopefully only a stove and fuel can).

MSR Big Titan Kettle

The MSR Titan Kettle is excellent for solo backpackers because it is compact enough to fit into any backpack. This is great for backpacking and can accommodate a small backpack stove and a 110g fuel canister. MSR makes noodles, rice, and Mac N’ Cheese. But it also has some extra cocoa water to spare, making freeze-dried food. While the MSR Kettle costs more than the budget-friendly rate, it offers a few additional features that customers are well worth the extra money.


  • Convenience is the most significant benefit of this stove-like pot. The lid fits snugly against the pot, allowing you to use it as a kettle. This will provide you a steady stream of liquid as it comes from the spout, without the risk of the whole lid falling off and spilling water everywhere.
  • Titanium solo pot upgrade includes a lid that snaps onto a pot, allowing you to control flow from the spout. It seems like a slight change, but it really helps in the kitchen.
  • This MSR Titan Kettle lid is similar to the TOAKS 750 mL. It consistently has a perfect fit regardless of whether you are cooking a meal or stowing your cook set in your backpack.
  • Because it has been rolled, the lid is more stable, and there is a lower risk of warping. Leak-proof with a snug-fitting cover, the MSR Titanium kettle is dependable and does not leak when straining pasta.


  • Some of the newer models’ fuel canisters don’t always fit down into the pot and snap down the lid securely.
  • It is possible that different suppliers were given access to various designs. Still, recent REI reviewers reported no issues with this pot.

GSI Halulite Camping Cook Pot

GSI Outdoors Halulite 1.1 L Cookpot is a hard-anodized aluminum cookpot that has become an Amazon bestseller due to its incredible strength and low price. In addition, anodized aluminum handles subtle temperature differences better than titanium.

Titanium is somewhat more durable, but it does come with a non-stick coating that prevents burned food from the bottom of the pot. Like titanium, it is also suitable for direct use on a fire or stove and distributes heat quickly and evenly. In addition, Halulite has valuable features that set it apart from competing products.


  • The Halulite features GSI’s intelligent insulated handle system, one of the benefits of which is that it makes the pot more accessible to elderly users.
  • Rubber-like insulation on your hands protects you from the heat when you handle a hot stove. Likewise, your pot’s handles collapse when you’re packing your backpack, so the lid stays put.
  • Ounces and milliliters (mL) are the measurements used for these freeze-dried foods, so you can easily add the correct amount of water to your freeze-dried meal.
  • While Halulite offers, aluminum’s better heat distribution over titanium, the lightweight material benefits the Halulite. In addition, it is a very inexpensive, dependable, and long-lasting alternative for backcountry travelers who want more cooking versatility than is provided by titanium cookware.


  • Some solo backpackers may find the Halulite bottle at 1.1L to be too large. However, couples discovered that it was just the right size for two people.
  • The Halulite weighs more than the other backpacking pots considered. For the 1.1L version, it is 8.7 oz. If divided between two campers, four ounces is not an unreasonable amount.

The main picture is from Amazon – GSI Outdoors Store. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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