The Top 3 And Best Skillets with Two Handles 2022

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Upgrading your current cookware gear could be a complicated task. With various cookware available in the market, the best way to select the best utensils is to find suitable, affordable, versatile, efficient, and durable equipment. Good thing, there is a specific variant for this: cast iron cookware.

Cast iron might be an intimidating material for several reasons: it is deemed expensive, it is hard to maintain, and it could only be used for searing textbook-quality salmon and ribs. Different from the popular opinion, cast iron cookware is affordable and versatile equipment. Listed below are a few of the positive remarks on owning a cast iron cookware:

  • It can serve not only as cookware but as bakeware since it can resist high temperatures.
  • It has a natural patina, a nonstick coating that can be re-seasoned without elevating health risks.
  • It can be used to cook your food in outdoor and indoor settings.

Owning your cast-iron skillet with dual handles is the highly suggested product. The surface can work as a standard frying pan, while it can also be used to braise and boil your food to perfection. Included in this article are three of the best two-handled skillets in today’s offer for sale.

STAUB Cast Iron Frying Pan (Two-Handled)

STAUB has been dependable French cookware since 1974. Created by French expertise in the culinary industry, this cookware has become a go-to utensil by professional chefs and home cooks. This manufacturer has gained its international presence because it has been the key to Michelin starred chefs’ perfect cooking in France and beyond.

STAUB Cast Iron Frying Pan is coated with matte black enamel that provides the right surface for browning and caramelization of your garlic and onions to develop the best flavors for your dish. This specialized enamel is scratch-resistant, making it resilient against unwanted marks and bumps.

Through time, this pan produces its natural patina that is responsible for preventing it from sticking. The micro-grill surface of the pan’s interior provides deeper flavor tones for your dish, perfect for searing. The whole cast iron retains heat better than other materials, saving gas and other energy. You can also use this cookware on induction hobs.

Their very own cast-iron paella pan is ideal for creating Mediterranean-inspired dishes for your family and colleagues. Cook and serve your dishes with this cookware, serving a rustic yet sophisticated touch to your kitchen. Aside from creating the best-quality aromatic paella, this cookware can also bake decadent desserts like Tarte Tatin or savory dishes like potato dauphinoise.

Develop the savory-salty tones of seafood, rice, garlic, and saffron with this dependable cookware. This also has the 3-inch depth that works well in simmering your food on chicken stock mixed with wine. Serve the best soup, rice, and vegetables were done perfectly with this French cookware.

Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet with Two Loop Handles

Lodge is one of the oldest cookware foundries in America. Since 1896, this family-owned cookware has created premium-grade iron cookware. This manufacturer creates the tedious process of individually casting pans on piles of sand up to the seasoning process. Being the only sole manufacturer of iron cookware, they pride themselves on continuing their ancestors’ legacy—by providing and heirloom cookware for years to come.

Since this cast iron skillet is already seasoned, you can use it right out of the box. This black patina is produced with Lodge’s electrostatic technology that releases generous amounts of seasoning oils on all sides of the pan. After this process, the coated pans are now baked in commercial ovens under extreme temperatures.

This cookware innovation is repeated a couple of times until the cast iron produces an excellent seasoning that is fifteen times better than the homemade seasoning. A well-seasoned cast-iron skillet provided not only stick-proof properties but also rust and scratch-proof surface for your well-cared skillet.

Cast iron pans had sustained centuries of cooking innovation due to their lifetime reliability and functionality. Not only that cast iron pans used to produce the best-tasting sears and grills, but this cookware can also be placed inside the oven. This opens a wider avenue for your daily cooking needs.

One of the best highlights of this product is versatility. Cook your meals inside and outside your home with the best baking equipment, braising, frying, roasting, sautéing, searing, and simmering. Possess the right cookware with unparalleled heat retention and distribution.

Bruntmor Pre-seasoned Large Cast Iron Skillet with Dual Handles

Bruntmor presents their one of the best cookware perfect for table presentation for your family or friends. The Bruntmor Pre-seasoned Cast Iron creates an elegant pattern design suitable for your contemporary kitchen. Have a simple yet comfortable feeling for your home with this cast-iron coated with porcelain.

Cook your meals inside the oven up to 500°F/260°C without the fear of cracking and warping. The porcelain coating also helps in providing a durable, scratch-proof surface. It also has just the right height and thickness to create an even crust for frying. You can use this cooking equipment to cook on different tops like electric coils, induction-type, glass stoves, gas stovetops, and other heat sources.

Aside from owning your cast-iron skillet, you can also buy another as an ideal gift for your loved ones. This provides reliable cookware while it can also be placed on any table setting. This is wrapped in secured foam packaging the provides enough cushion to prevent your cookware from damage while shipping.

Cleaning your skillet is done simpler, thanks to Bruntmor’s stick-proof coating. This makes food oils and liquids to be wiped instantly with a clean cloth. Before cleaning, allow the cast iron skillet to cool completely before submerging it into your cleaning solution.

A mixture of mild soap with lukewarm water is enough to remove food stains. Elbow grease is recommended since the harsh and abrasive chemicals found in a dishwasher can damage your skillet’s quality. Wipe your cookware dry with a lint-free cloth, or you can heat it quickly until the water evaporates.

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