The Best Crock Pot/Slow Cookers of 2022

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Having a large crockpot at home means you will have plenty of choices when it comes to preparing a variety of meals, and you won’t be stressed at all because the crockpot will be like your personal chef for you. Crockpots have been around for decades, and we’re just as excited as you to find out how crock pots have evolved through the decades. This is our special review of the best crock pots for 2022.

Hamilton Beach Portable 6-Quart Crock Pot

The Hamilton Beach Portable 6-Quart Digital Slow Cooker is a compact yet high-power choice for versatile crock pots. This slow cooker provides an integrated temperature probe for comprehensive tracking of the food’s temperature as the hours wear on. The integrated temperature probe is responsible for preventing overcooking. This ensures that your food will remain at the right temperature, so it cooks properly and stays warm, so everything is ready when you get home from a long day of work. This greatly helps when you are cooking all kinds of meat from chicken, turkey, pork, and beef. The Hamilton Beach Portable 6-Quart Digital Slow Cooker also has various cooking functions, making it truly versatile and useful in the kitchen.

You can cook your dishes in low mode, medium mode, or high mode whether or not the probe is activated. Once the food is one cooking, the slow cooker automatically shifts to “warm” mode. This prevents scorching and unnecessary burning of the food. You can also pre-select the holding temperature (warm temperature) of the food, so the food is at the right temperature at the end of the day.

Hamilton Beach 3-Quart Smart Crock Pot

If you need a smaller Hamilton Beach Crock Pot, look no further than their 3-quart slow cooker with a dishwasher-safe crock plus lid. This crockpot comes with a matte black lid. This crockpot can accommodate up to three pounds of chicken or a two-pound roast easily. Of course, you can always add more meat but expect a longer cooking time, for obvious reasons. Like the bigger brother above, the three-quart version has three temperature settings. Keep your food on low heat or high heat – the crockpot takes care of maintaining the food’s ideal temperature the way you want it. The stoneware crock that comes with this slow cooker is removable, so you won’t have any headaches with placing it in the oven or even the microwave if you need to. A truly magnificent engineering piece from Hamilton Beach combines the best portable cooking electronics and classic crockpot heating technology.

The cooking stoneware is also super easy to cook with and is dishwasher safe. It’s not a pain in the neck to clean, so you can keep using your crockpot daily and lessen the stress of preparing whole food at home.

Crock-Pot Big Crock-Pot 8-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

When you need a much larger crockpot to work with, there’s always the original Crock-Pot brand that started the revolution in slow-cooking a few decades ago. We love the fact that they’re still growing and advancing the technology, and the Crock-Pot brand has constantly innovated to bring more good things to the kitchen with slow-cooking. This reasonably-priced 8-quart cooker has sufficient capacity to prepare meals for more than ten people. The cooker also comes with a convenient digital timer that allows you to see how far the cooking process is. This 8-quart slow cooker will also keep your food automatically warm all day – but be sure not to overdo it! The lid and stoneware are also dishwasher friendly, so don’t worry about the clean-up. We encourage people to be as experimental as possible with their cooking because when you are using a slow-cooker, you will get plenty of leeways when it comes to how much effort is needed to cook your meals.

The Crock-Pot brand has also been known for its classic and timeless designs. This model is sleek and beautiful and would sit well in any modern kitchen. If you’d like to maintain your kitchen’s modern appeal, you needn’t worry even if you are bringing in something as big as this slow cooker because it will fit right in.

Customer reviews are mostly positive, with many saying that Crock-Pot continues to bring the most stable heating element to their modern cookware.

Crock-Pot 6 Qt Crock Pot

If you need a smaller Crock-Pot to work with, look no further than their six-quart variant. We understand that not everyone can put an eight-quart pot to good use, so we’ve decided to add another six-quart slow cooker to our rundown of great slow cookers for 2022. This model is a “cook and carries” variant that can easily serve seven people and above. You can program different cooking times for a variety of dishes. Program the digital timer to cook the food for thirty minutes to a total of 20 hours. Never run out of ideas while experimenting with slowly-cooked food because your food will never burn. The slow cooker will take care of warming your food the moment the digital countdown ends. You can leave the slow cooker – don’t mind it – and return to a perfectly warmed meal after work.

We love the fact that this slow cooker has a dual-locking and see-through lid. The removable stoneware can be placed in an oven or microwave oven. The stoneware has been rigorously tested to withstand oven cooking temperatures of up to 400°F.

Keep in mind that heat tolerances vary from brand to brand, so if Crock-Pot stoneware can tolerate up to 400°F, other brands may not. Be sure to check out the literature that comes with other slow cooker brands to be sure. This slow cooker consumes just 240 watts of power, making it practical as it won’t spike your monthly power bill.

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