Top 1 Best Kohler Kitchen Faucet 2022

by iupilon

The KOHLER Simplice Response touchless pull-down kitchen faucet best KOHLER kitchen faucet. Among the many KOHLER kitchen faucet reviews, this faucet has stood out as the superior choice. KOHLER also offers other varieties like the bar faucet, high arch, low arch, and semi-professional faucet for home use. Kohler is a recognized world leader in plumbing supplies. The Simplice Response stands out from the rest because:

  • The Simplice Response features a special steam spray mode that makes it easier to perform daily activities around the kitchen. What’s more, is it saves up to 45% of water because it covers more area and exerts more pressure. The steam spray is your dream faucet mode for posts and dishes.
  • Sweep Spray mode creates the widest arc of water that does not let up on the pressure. This ensures that great dishes and pots are cleaned in no time. You no longer have to move the nozzle of the faucet around so much because the water will cover the area for you automatically.
  • Boost Spray mode automatically increases the faucet’s flow rate by up to 30% with just one click.
  • Simplice Response comes in Matte Black, Vibrant Stainless Steel finish, and classic Polished Chrome.
  • Unlike other faucets, you won’t have to worry about screws or springs wearing down because the Simplice Response is equipped with DockNetik technology that improves automatic docking after use. This faucet will never wear down because it is always secured after use – automatically.
  • You get a full range of rotating motion with the ProMotion ball joint attached to the end of the nozzle head. This ensures that less force is needed when you pull down the hose and move the sprayer head.

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