2 Top and Best Kitchen Faucet Without Pull Out 2022

by iupilon

Your prep kitchen sink will never be complete without an appropriate bar faucet or prep sink faucet. These faucets are slightly smaller than regular, full-sized kitchen faucets, and they do not have a pull-out function, as that would require more height, which is something bar sinks don’t have. So if you are thinking of having a smaller prep sink installed at home, don’t forget that you need a nice bar faucet installed as well.

Delta Single-Handle Bar Faucet

The Delta single-handle bar faucet is made of brass and has a deck mount profile suitable for single-hole, three-hole, and four-hole sink installations. The finish is arctic stainless and has a spout height of 11.5 inches. You can purchase a separate deck plate if you want, and you won’t have to worry about the faucet not having a retractable or pull-down nozzle because the fixed nozzle is at the right height, and is also designed to provide a high arc of water, for added convenience when you are washing and prepping. The single-handle design isn’t just amazing for maintaining a sleek sink profile, and it’s also the best way to instantly switch from cold water to hot water. The dual-performance single-handle design makes work so much easier when you are prepping fruits and vegetables, too. Delta brand faucets also meet the strict standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Kohler Purist Swing Spout Kitchen Faucet

Kohler is known for world-class design and ingenuity, and if you are already a fan of the brand, the Purist Swing Spout model will rock your world. We fell in love immediately with the super sleek design and the clean angles you don’t see in other brands. The Swing Spout model is almost like contemporary art in your kitchen, but it’s also super functional and easy on the eyes. It’s not ‘too much’ for a bar kitchen, and it certainly holds its own compared to other brands in the market. So if you have another high-end brand of faucet in your kitchen, there’s nothing wrong with adding a Kohler bar faucet. The faucet exterior lends well to easy cleaning, and the nozzle can spin a full 360° for extra convenience. So even if you don’t have a pull-down nozzle, you can still do all the work without a swinging spout. Upon installation, you have almost ten inches of clearance between the tip of the nozzle and the sink, and the faucet is also an ADA-compliant faucet.

Like other Kohler models, this faucet has a special installation ring that works with most sinks, so installation is super easy and secure. So whether you have a handyman or plumber coming over, or if you are installing the faucet yourself, you’re going to have zero issues.

There you have it – two great bar faucets for your secondary sink, and they’re luxurious and just perfect for modern kitchens. Order the perfect bar tap today!

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