The 4 Best Brew Kettles for BIAB

by iupilon

One of the considered intimidating tasks for several homebrewers isn’t the correct way of mashing the grains—but it is the money required to upgrade your brewing equipment. Other kettles and other alternative heaters will drastically increase production costs, resulting in an overprice brewed product. Homebrewers can luckily skip the process using the “brew in a bag” method, also referred to as BIAB by the community.

In a more straightforward definition, brew in a bag is an all-grain brewing method that can be done using your boil kettle. This mechanism works by placing your grains in a clean, sanitized cloth bag before submerged inside the boil kettle. Aside from reducing operational costs through purchasing several pots and kettles, BIAB is also work-efficient.

The cloth bag use serves as a giant tea bag for you to place your selected grains. Then, after brewing, you can put your bag in a separate container and use the actual load to mash the contents. Again, this reduces the tedious task of transferring the brewed content on a separate cheesecloth.

Because of its simplicity, the BIAB method is adored by homebrewers. And to make the brewing process a lot easier, here are four of the best brew kettles on Amazon for you to select.

Best Overall – Brewer’s Edge Mash and Boil

While this product is only the electric-powered brewer on the list, it didn’t affect the best quality offered by Brewer’s Edge. This double-wall, stainless steel construction can mash up to 16 pounds of malt and other grains. The double-wall insulation also retains the temperature of your brewed grains for longer. This allows the grains to absorb more water for easier mashing. It is also attached to a standard power outlet which works on any home plugs and sockets. Another fantastic feature of this Brewer’s Edge product excellent two-in-one design: it also functions as a mash tun. So you can heat the water, brew your grains, and mash it straight inside the large pot.

Brewer’s Edge Mash and Boil also have a maximum capacity of 7.5 gallons. It is finished with professional-grade stainless steel. Reduce the risk of creating a metallic taste to your brewed grains—it is made with a non-reactive metal. You can fit your brewer’s mash into tight spaces, thanks to its sleek horizontal feature that makes it appear less bulky than it is intended. Cleaning your brew kettles is now made more accessible; place lukewarm water with a mild soap solution and a soft sponge. Do not pour liquid on the pot’s exterior to prevent electrocution.

Contender – Northern Brewer Stainless Steel Brew Kettle

Since 1993, the Northern Brewer has provided state-of-the-art brewing kettles for beer enthusiasts. This large brew kettle is considered a workhorse in delivering the best and thought-out brewing machine. What makes this brew kettle a hit is its various gallon sizes in 8, 10, 15, 20, and 30 gallons worth. This expands the possibilities of grain brewer for new homebrewers up to the artisan level. Northern Brewer Megapot 1.2 is made with hardwearing stainless steel and features volume markings starting at the 10-gallon part. The thick tri-clad bottom helps the brew kettle to perform an even heat distribution like no other. It works together with the temperature gauge, which provides maximum control for your boil.

For first-time homebrewers, this brewing pot is overload with enhanced safety features for you—including heat-proof silicone handles, riveted handles, and stainless steel band. These features work altogether to protect your pot against burns and spills. Unlike the first product, this one might require other vessels to mash and filter your hard-earned brewed malt grains. Bring the spirit of homebrewing to the comfort of your home or with your family with this classic staple. You can also place this brew kettle on several demonstrations such as beer festivals and competitions—and make your beer the winning class.

Quality Pick – BREWSIE Stainless Steel Home Brew Kettle

BREWSIE’s brew kettle is made with fully polished stainless steel, which adds to its stylish appeal. It also features a dual filtration system that maximizes the kettle’s overall efficiency. First, improve the taste of your homemade beer through the help of a bazooka screen—a filtering system unique on its own that can collect grain residues that might mix with your brewed malt grains. Then, easily monitor the grain’s temperature with the help of a built-in thermometer attached to the front of your kettle. You can also accurately measure your contents—thanks to the embossed volume markers inside of your BREWSIE’s machine.

Unlike the competing brands, BREWSIE Stainless Steel Home Brew Kettle has a built-in dual filtration system attached inside. The two stainless steel filters have holes on tiny holes that effectively allow the machine to do the filtration task. After collecting the beer water, you can use the actual brew kettle to mash the contents inside the cloth bag—elevating your homemade beer’s flavor. Prevent germs and dirt from invading your precious grain concoction by hanging the kettle’s lid on its side handles.

Also Consider – GasOne 16 Gallon Stainless Steel Home Brew Kettle

For first-time homebrewers who want the bare minimum equipment, you may consider taking the multipurpose GasOne’s brew kettle. Made with food-grade stainless steel, this machine can function as a mash tun or a hot liquor tank. This brew kettle also holds an enormous amount of 16 gallons of liquid—which is the largest capacity included on this list. If you plan to create a large brew kettle setup or store brewed grains in a higher quantity, you might consider using the GasOne 16 Gallon Stainless Steel Home Brew Kettle.

This fantastic stainless steel kettle has a tri-ply construction that provides better insulation and strength, unlike standard steel types. This also helps in creating a tremendous heat distribution for your brew. Cleaning your GasOne kettle is a lot easier since it has pre-attached ergonomic handles that are comfortable to maneuver. Read accurate measurements for your content with the embossed scale markings attached inside the kettle. Make your seamless BIAB dream a reality by using this considerable brew kettle.

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