The Bai Drink Ingredients

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The Bai Flavored Waters is a brand of alternative flavored drinks that are touted as a huge upgrade from your typical soda. The Bai doesn’t have the harmful sugars and sweeteners used in soda and is also kosher.

The Bai is not harmful to people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes because it doesn’t have massive sugar levels – it’s not even sweetened with sugar, to begin with. The Bai drinks are also naturally infused with vitamin C and provide a measly ten calories per serving.

Bai Drink Ingredients

The biggest question on people’s minds is how The Bai drinks are low in calories despite being sweet. The answer is in the brand’s choice of sweetener. They use stevia and erythritol instead of conventional sugar. For those who are worried about erythritol, don’t be, because it’s nothing like sucralose, which has been proven harmful to health in the long term.

Other ingredients in Bai drinks include natural juice concentrates and organic extracts. It does have caffeine (very low dose) to bring its drinkers a bit of a waking boost naturally. And as we’ve discussed earlier, The Bai drinks have plenty of nutrients as well, which makes it a veritable health drink. 

Bai Coconut Water

The Bai Coconut Water is another popular product from this brand that combines the goodness of pure water and fresh coconut juice. If you are craving flavors from the tropics, drink both Bai Flavored Drinks and Bai Coconut Water for better health. Like Bai Flavored Drinks, Bai Coconut Water does not have added sugar, and you will only consume ten calories with each bottle. And like the flavored water variant, Bai Coconut water has an added ‘kick’: 30 mg of caffeine!

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