The 3 Best Kettles for VW Campervan

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Volkswagen Campervan is a known vehicle that can store items that can make your camping trip easier. In addition, using a campervan allows a wide array of equipment that can make your camping a comfortable one.

With the help of your mode of transportation, you can quickly dip your toes on the great world outdoors, most especially with people who hate leaving the modern amenities. Since your vehicle functions as your bag, you have more items to create a different experience for your camping trip. You have more things to create a different experience for your camping trip since your vehicle functions as your wide, collapsible travel bag. Indeed, car camping opened the avenue of enjoying the essence of camping without discarding essential travel gears.

Bringing along your portable electric kettle is the most recommended thing for people who love the great camping sites and a cup of coffee. Aside from the standard socket adaptor, portable kettles can use the energy from the car changer to cook, boil, and sear your dishes. This reduces the need to create hazardous fires—that can combust your car if left unattended.

Fdit 12V/24V Portable Electric Kettle for Car 1000ml


Fdit’s Portable Electric Kettle will make you enjoy your first camping experience without the fear of losing portable hot water. Made with professional-grade 304 stainless steel, this portable kettle promises to keep your hot water clean and safe to use. It is also infused with food-grade PP plastic suitable for parents who need to prepare hot milk for their youngsters. So buy yourself an electric kettle and make your outdoor camping remarkable.

Value for Money:

Purchasing Fdit’s portable electric kettle will exponentially reduce your beverage cost. The long drive will be more cost-effective by bringing your electric kettle. Hot beverages can cost around 4 USD per cup and can add up when you are in the company of several people. At the same time, it keeps your energy levels uplifted more than ever. In addition, Fdit promises to create the best car camping equipment for you and your family to enjoy.

Ease of Use:

You don’t have to buy a converter to use this fantastic electric device. This portable campervan kettle works on any 12V or 24V setting. So use it for your campervan or your big truck. Just make sure that you place room temperature water and not the cold ones. The cold water can disrupt your appliance due to thermal shock, which can damage your camping gear.

Customer Verdict:

Several customers are pleased with this camping gear. People particularly mentioned the automatic shutdown function of the said device, reducing the operational costs quickly. Several users also recommended preparing the hot water while on the long trip since it might take around 25 minutes to create a full boil.

Make your car camping experience the best thing ever with Fdit Portable Electric Kettle!

Acouto 12V/24V Electric Kettle for Car 1200ml


Enjoy a hot brewed coffee for your long camping journey with Acouto Electric Kettle. This sleek stainless-steel exterior promises to prolong the hotness of your pre-boiled water. Acouto’s portable kettle provides a larger capacity compared to other competitors. In addition, the interior is insulated with food-grade PP, preventing moisture and air from escaping at an accelerated rate.

Value for Money:

Have yourself a portable electric kettle made with the recent thermostat function for less than 50 USD of the total cost. This allows the kettle to heat on its own and stop as soon as it ‘felt’ that the water is already at its peak temperature. This material is also made with non-reactive metal that will not give your kettle the risk of having an unpleasant, metallic taste.

Ease of Use:

Acouto Electric Kettle enables its user to drink hot beverages inside the car. To use this appliance, fill the kettle with water moments before plugging. Then, please wait for the portable kettle to do its tasks, and get yourself piping hot water within 35 minutes. To clean, rinse this electric kettle on lukewarm water and soap solution. Then, drain it thoroughly before storing it.

Customer Verdict:

Despite being a new Amazon product, the audience is pretty much impressed with this. Several reviews from different social media sites noted the Acouto’s larger water capacity and its faster heating rate. This car kettle is also available on 12-volt and 24-volt variants, reducing the risk of misplacing the appliance on the wrong machine. It also creates boiled water beyond the boiling point, which extends its hot temperature.

Enjoy a larger liquid volume to share with Acouto Electric Kettle.

Mumusuki 12V/24V Electric Travel Kettle 1300ml


Mumusuki’s electric travel kettle is a must-have for your car camping trip or even just for your daily drive. This portable kettle is specially constructed with the finest food-grade stainless steel and plastic. This appliance can be quickly used on a 12-volt or a 24-volt car power plug.

Value for Money

Unlike other travel kettles, Mumusuki has a built-in fuse that reduces the risk of damaging your carport by breaking the device’s port instead. This safety design also prevents the sudden reduction of the car’s energy. While it is the most expensive portable kettle on the list, it has the most significant water capacity.

Ease of Use

Compared to other kettles, this variant is not limited to boiled water—it can also be used for brewed coffee, boiled eggs, hot milk, and many more. To use this portable kettle, make sure that the insides of the kettle are completely dry to prevent car damage due to a short circuit. You should not also dry burn your kettle to reduce the risk of exploding heat pipe.

Customer Verdict

Mixed reviews were given to this product. Some suggested that the improper voltage can cause the socket plug to melt. Others also noted that it could be a fire hazard to their car camping. However, the manufacturer pre-indicated that the wrong usage of voltage wires will cause the car plug to short circuit.

Consider buying Mumusuki’s electric travel kettle—and let the appliance do the boiling task while you’re away.

The main picture is from Amazon – Fdit. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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