BBQ Guru’s UltraQ Vs. FireBoard

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Nothing ruins a perfectly prepared meal quite like a piece of undercooked meat. Meat and grill thermometers will help you prepare your meals to perfection. A handy measuring device to have around the house is a reliable smart thermometer. The ability to precisely determine whether or not the food has been cooked already provides you with critical information regarding essential future tasks that must be completed.

If you are ever concerned about accidentally giving undercooked meat to your friends and family, you can put your fears to rest by investing in a suitable digital meat thermometer. It’s one of the few kitchen items that will instantly boost your self-assurance when you’re cooking.

Maintaining constant temperature monitoring with a leave-in probe BBQ thermometer is the only way to know precisely what is going on within your beef brisket, smoked turkey, baby back ribs, or pulled pork butt. At the same time, they are brought up to temperature “low and slow” in a smoker or oven.

BBQ Guru’s UltraQ Temperature Controller

With the UltraQ Temperature Control, you can take complete control of your cooking and learn how to produce consistently delicious barbecue every time. Thanks to the UltraQ, the latest innovation from BBQ Guru, undercooked and overdone meat will be a thing of the past. Finally, you can take control of your BBQ thanks to its novel design, user-friendly app interface, and entirely hands-free features.


BBQ Guru’s UltraQ is the newest addition to their series of bbq temperature controllers, which are designed to assist you in keeping the smoker temperature of your charcoal barbecue at a consistent degree. Three food probes are connected to the controller’s four probe ports, one of which is dedicated to the pit probe. In addition, an electrical outlet and a Pit Viper fan are both accessible through a plug port.

Improved user interface

The mount’s anti-skid rubber feet and an adjustable bracket head allow it to be used in any direction. It also has a high-temperature magnet for attaching it to scorching surfaces. It also includes their patent-pending Guru Status Light Ring, which can visually warn you by changing colors to determine what temperature your BBQ is currently operating at. Both are dishwasher safe and have generously long cords of 6 feet.

Accurate temperature

The UltraQ comes with two temperature probes: a pit temperature probe and a meat temperature probe. The thermocouple probes are used in this experiment. The pit probe, which is clipped to the grill grate, monitors the pit temperature at the grill surface. The meat probe is responsible for monitoring the interior temperature of the meat.

Status ring

The light ring serves as a visual indicator, letting you know when the temperature in your cooking chamber has reached the optimal setting. When you first bring your pit up to temperature, the light ring will become blue below the Smart Cook Strategy range (see the section below). It will turn blue again if the temperature falls 30°F below your set temperature while cooking.

If you’re inside your target pit temperature range, you’re in good shape. The color of the Guru Light Ring is red. If the temperature in your pit is within the desired content and the sides pulse red, this indicates that the fan is operating.

If the sides continue to tick for an extended period, you will need to add more charcoal since the fan is working extremely hard, yet nothing happens due to a lack of a fuel source on the burner.

Final Verdict

BBQ Guru UltraQ’s temperature management of your smoking chamber is excellent, and it is the most distinguishing feature as well. Additionally, it does not necessitate the drilling of a hole in your smoker. The magnetic mounting bracket is exceptionally adaptable, allowing you to set it in a variety of different locations.

Because it does not have a waterproof rating, a pop-up tent is required during the winter. Moreover, the Q Tail Light (the squiggly component of the Light Ring) isn’t beneficial because it assumes that you remember which light and probe is inserted into which piece of meat.

FireBoard 2 Smart Thermometer

For remote monitoring in different climates, the FireBoard 2 smart thermometer connects to the internet via a cloud-based service. Easily configured and installed on your wireless network, it sends real-time temperature updates to iPhone, Android, and Web applications over the cloud.

Additionally, the FireBoard 2 supports up to six external temperature probes, which allow for accurate and consistent temperature monitoring in a wide range of settings and applications, including the laboratory.


The FireBoard 2 comes with six thermometer probe sockets. For someone who regularly cooks on multiple grills and smoker at a time, this is a super handy option to have. Let alone just for keeping track of various cuts of meat.

The unit comes with three probes to get you started, two meat probes, and an ambient temp probe and grill clip. You can buy additional probes from the Fireboard website.

Better interface

Because the wide LCD screen is simple to read and can be modified based on the type of information you prefer to see, some of the customizations include displaying pit temperature and probe temperature, a cook graph with pit temperature, and a chart showing the interior temperature of your meat, among other things. The menu is simple, and it is accessible through the buttons on the side of the machine.

Smart system

When first setting up the thermometer, it communicates via Bluetooth. However, you may afterward connect the thermometer to your WiFi network to provide a significantly greater range. You have access to all of your data through your account, accessible from your phone or the website. A first-rate application has been developed. To ensure that you can always see history and current cooking data, all of your temperature data is saved and synced to your FireBoard Cloud account.

Final verdict

The FireBoard 2 Drive is a tremendous smart thermometer with a large display. It is simple to get started and to set up. It will take less than a minute for the unit to be connected to any app or phone of your choice. The only thing that is frustrating about it is that it does not come with an inclusive mount or stand. Unless you purchase the optional magnetic case, there is no convenient way to attach it next to your grill without modifying your setup.

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