The 3 Best Electric Coffee Grinders 2022

by iupilon

Buying yourself an electric coffee grinder is a very practical idea. Instead of serving yourself diluted, prepacked coffee, you may grind yourself fresh coffee beans that are so good for brewing. The current market serves two types of coffee grinders: manually-operated grinders and electric grinders.

If you want a high-performance grinder that will not strain your muscles from a long-grind, consider buying yourself your electric coffee grinder. Besides its top performance, you can also explore using different grind settings that are not available with manual grinders. This will ensure that the coffee beans will be ground to the size appropriate to your brewing machines.

We offer you the three most outstanding electric coffee grinders you may want to consider for your home this year.

Bodum BISTRO Blade Grinder

Take your coffee grinding to a whole new level with Bodum BISTRO Blade Grinder. Crush and grind your beans from coarse to fine efficiently using Bodum’s state-of-the-art blade system. Running on a powerful 150W motor, this electric blade grinder has enough strength to pulverize your coffee beans in seconds.

Bodum’s sleek design offers a push-button control allowing the user to select pulse movement to continuous grind—providing the necessary force to distribute coffee beans evenly. This blade grinder is attached with a transparent lid that could lessen the need to reopen the grinder to check your desired texture.

Keep your grinder safe from rust with its strong and durable stainless steel blade. Stainless steel prevents unwanted food odor from blending in the coffee beans, making it suitable for grinding other food items like nuts, dried herbs and fruits, and even sugar.

Ensure that your family, co-workers, and friends get the much-needed coffee with over 2 oz. of coffee through BISTRO’s large compartment. It could fit up to eight servings of brewed coffee—just the right amount for you and your peers to share.

Prevent your coffee from spilling over the counter with BISTRO’s safety lock feature. The electric blade grinder will not operate not unless the lid is fully locked and secured. This adds a safety element compared to other brands.

To use your Bodum BISTRO Blade Grinder, you must pour your whole bean inside the grinder. Do not fill up to the top to have room for the grinding process. After closing and locking the safety feature, you may top the red button to pulse the coffee beans or hold it further to activate continuous grind mode.

Grind your beans for 8-10 seconds to get the coarse texture, 15-20 seconds for a coarse-fine texture, and 30 seconds for a fine grind. Do not run your grinder for 60 seconds or more if you don’t want the aromatics removed.

In cleaning your blade grinder, unplug it from the electric source before cleaning. The whole appliance should not be immersed in the water to prevent water damage. You may clean the metal blades and container using a soft, dry brush.

Mueller Austria HyperGrind Electric Coffee Grinder

This year is the best time to own a Mueller Austria HyperGrind Electric Coffee Grinder. Its precision control technology ensures perfect consistency for various coffee brewers like pour-over, drip, cold brew, Turkish, and espresso. Besides coffee beans, you may use your HyperGrind to work on your herbs, spices, dried fruits, sugars, and tea leaves at any time.

This stainless-steel stellar has a height of 19.58 centimeters, a blade radius of 10 centimeters, and weighs 1.39 pounds. Following the craftsmanship of the traditional German machinery, HyperGrind is designed and tested with professional-grade inspectors to guarantee its performance and quality above all else.

It is engineered with long-lasting blades out of stainless steel that can surpass the hard, roasted coffee beans in no time.

Upgrade your grind game with its minimum grinding noise—while still providing a powerful motor to crush your coffee and spices. Powered with a heavy-duty motor, it could wind up your nuts until it turns into a butter-like consistency. If arranged correctly, it will ensure the desired grind coarseness is suitable for any coffee brew method.

Even without automatic grind selection, the fast-spinning blades are fast enough to turn your roasted beans into coarse grinds within 5-10 seconds. The electric grinder is built to last for years, which can ensure that your money is well-spent with this luxurious item.

Take up only minimal counter space with its compact and stylish features. This silver-colored body is shaped with Eurocentric styling, which adds a great look to anyone’s counter. If stored, it will only take up minimum space and be placed easily on cupboards and drawers.

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

Unleash the unknown wonders of coffee with Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill. This sophisticated stainless steel burr mill flaunts 18 levels of grind options—providing the most accurate tool for your most-needed coffee grinds. The grind options could also give you ultra-fine to extra-coarse grinds in an instant.

Guarantee the freshness of your ground coffee with Cuisinart’s automatic stop function that provides the right grade for your favorite coffee beans. It can also maximize the coffee’s oils, aromas, and flavors to be intact for longer periods with its removable grind chamber. The said chamber could hold up to 32 cups of coffee, good for storing until the next brewing.

Burr grinding is considered the best way to optimize the coffee’s texture and taste. It also provides a uniform grind while keeping its natural flavors intact. Unlike blade-type grinders that tend to produce shifting grinds, burr-type grinders evenly distribute the coffee beans.

Cuisinart DBM-8 comes with a separate one-touch power bar, coffee scoop, and a cleaning brush. Prevent your cord from damaging with its build-in cord storage placed at the back of the machine. Once grinding is complete, it will automatically shut off with the help of its timer.

When cleaning your automatic burr mill, plug out your device on an electric source before brushing it with a cleaning brush. Never wash your burr mill with water, for it can damage the blades and may cause electric shock. 

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