Weber Smokey Mountain Vs. Kettle Grill

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In food cooking and preservation, smoking is one of the established cooking methods that most change the flavor profile. This is due to the introduction of smoke from a vessel that gives your poultry, meat, and fishes the distinguishable “smoky flavor.” Historically, smoking has been introduced as a form of flavor enhancer and as one of preservation technique.

The selected protein is placed inside a grill to create the perfect smoking area—where smoke from smoking chips is diffused. Hot smoke will cook the food while adding a layer of smoked flavor to your food. Several samples of smoked food include pork roasts, beef briskets, smoked poultry, smoked bacon, smoked hams, smoked herring, smoked oysters, and smoked salmon.

The key to creating the best cooking platform for your smoking needs can be done by looking for a suitable cooking surface for your smoked goods. While several smokers are in the market, Weber has introduced Smoky Mountain Cooker and the Kettle Grill.

Each of the smokers is known for its durability, effectiveness, and other additional features. Weber Smoking Mountain is considered an iconic piece of equipment for smoked meat enthusiasts. On the other hand, Weber Kettle Grill has created the new grilling revolution with its classic design modified to fit modern grilling.

Weber Smokey Mountain


Creating an authentic smoked roast can be done perfectly with the Weber Smokey Mountain series, which comes in various sizes suitable for your smoking needs. This charcoal grill is available on 14, 18, and 22 inches in diameter. Create succulent, fall-off-the-bone pulled pork and ribs using the professional smoker in the market.

This griller features a plated steel cooking grates that have spaces enough for your precious protein like salmon, halibut, and seabass from falling off the grill. You can confidently place your griller outside your home with rust-resistant metal legs that are made to adapt to different working situations. Reduce the time of constantly probing your protein with the griller’s built-in lid thermometer.

Value for Money:

Although the Weber Smokey Mountain griller series have a different price range, it provides the best products compared to other competing grillers in the market. The 14-inched smoker is compact, yet it can still do the task. Adjust the meat portions for it to fit into the smoker’s surface. Then, purchase the best griller—and the most versatile compared to its league.

Prepare the best-tasting grill for your chicken parts, pork tenderloins, and steaks with ease through this special griller. While smoking requires a lot of time to spare, the results of prolonged smoking give the best-tasting meat in the market, compared to those fired up unto gas. If you have $$$ to spare, consider buying the one with the most surface area. This will speed up the smoking process, most especially if you’ll be doing batches of smoking.

Ease of Use:

Without any hesitations, Weber Smokey Mountain griller is the easiest griller to use. As a vertical water smoker, the water bowl provides the proper regulation of your temperature.

  • To use, you need to make sure that your charcoal ring is filled with well-lit charcoal.
  • Slowly fill your water bowl with tap water, or experiment with other liquids (fruit juice, soda, beer).
  • Above the water bowl, the food will be placed on a separate rack.
  • You may place foil or parchment paper for thinner proteins to prevent flaking.

Check the temperature every hour, which is done faster—thanks to its built-in thermometer.

Customer Verdict:

Weber Smokey Mountain is the best griller in the market. While the prices are ridiculously high in Europe and outside the United States, you may still consider investing in your grill. While this is known equipment for smoking, you can effectively use this griller for other cooking methods such as grilling, barbecue, and slow-cooking. It also charcoal-operated, which causes less compared to electric and gas variants. The charcoal type also provides flexibility since you can cook outdoors quickly.

Have yourself a Weber Smokey Mountain if you want to get the best smoker in the market, with additional features for you to explore.

Weber Kettle Grill


Weber Kettle Grill revives the wonders of backyard grilling using the classic grilling methods with contemporary grillers. Create your best charcoal grill with the best griller in the market. Compared to the Weber Smokey Mountain, this variant elevates the grilling process—with the help of the unique construction of the said equipment.

Weber Kettle Grill provides a grated bottom for your briquettes or charcoal to be placed. This netted metal provides better airflow throughout the area than holes on the side or at the center. Control the smoke’s outflow with the Kettle Grill’s single vent offset located at the top lid. Keep your hands burn-free, thanks to the nylon handle that can endure extreme temperatures.

Value for Money:

Create classic grilled proteins using the griller that adapted current trends in grilling. This large grill can also be convertible like the Weber Smokey Mountain. Use this griller to prepare other dry heat methods such as searing, roasting, and cooking. Place few smoke chips, and you can convert your griller into a makeshift smoker. However, this one functions the best as a griller, with a smoker as its tertiary function.

Ease of Use:

For grilling needs, Weber Kettle Grill is the best slot. It has a lot of room compared to other charcoal grills—which can give more heat zones. In addition, this charcoal grill offers a room for 13 medium-sized hamburger patties, compared to the others that can only provide a space for 8-10 meat cakes.

But for smoking purposes, using this griller will be a bit of a chore. Since the bottom ash dump is not intended for precise temperature control, you might have to adjust it regularly. Also, the cooking grate makes it merely impossible to place additional charcoal or wood. To reuse this griller as a smoker, you might need to purchase a separate hinge grate.

Customer Verdict:

Weber Kettle Grill can elevate your grilling needs like no other. While it cannot surpass Smokey Mountain’s smoking skills, this one is considered the best equipment for your smoking needs. Cooking with charcoal will be more pleasurable by using the best grillers in the market. The only downturn of this griller is the lack of space for placing a secondary cooking surface since its kettle shape limits it.

Buy the Weber Original Kettle Grill, and experience the best charcoal grilling experience. Return to the classic grilling and smoking technique by using the most convenient equipment in the market.

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