Why Do Pans Have Metal Handles?

by iupilon

Why Do Cooking Pans Have Metal Handles?

Cooking pans are incredibly useful in the kitchen, but you do have to ask – why are some pans equipped with metal handles if the metal is such a good conductor of heat in the first place?

This question is simple: metal is the most durable material for a handle, and many manufacturers don’t like their panhandles coming off. The basic design of low-cost pans is the plastic handle is screwed on to a metal bracket.

This type of pan may last a few years (give or take several warping episodes), but eventually, the plastic will be worn down by the heat, the plastic handle will sag or snap off from the heat.

Pans with pure metal handles will last for a long time, and you will have zero issues with these snapping off suddenly while you are carrying a particularly hot batch of soup or fried meat. They might be hot to touch, but they do serve their purpose well. You have to make sure that your hands are protected at all times.

Not all metal handles are created equally, however. The most durable type of handle is the riveted metal handle. This handle is extremely sturdy and resistant to damage, and you will never need to tighten the rivets because they’re heavy and permanent.

The problem with these handles is they’re a little more difficult to clean than usual. The second study option is the welded handle. The welded handle can come loose, too, so don’t overload your pan.

The pan’s interior will be smoother because the weld on the metal will be on the outside. If you love a smoother and more uniform look, go for pans with welded handles.

And finally, we have the ‘regular’ construction for pans, the screwed-on handle. Plastic handles are usually screwed onto a small piece of metal welded to the pan. While plastic is certainly not durable, it can be replaced easily.  

Do Pans with Metal Handles Get Hot?

Many of them do, which is why you should always approach pans with metal handles with caution. Some manufacturers use a hollow handle design that allows them to insulate the outer layer of the handle from heat.

The metal handle wraps around sturdy wood, which doesn’t conduct cooking heat very well at all. However, keep in mind that all pans will become hot to touch during prolonged cooking regardless of the handle’s material.

Always assume that your pan’s handle is hot, and always use the proper hand protection to insulate yourself against heat. Even plastic handles eventually get hot to touch when you are deep-frying or cooking something for an hour or so.

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