Which Ninja Blender Should I Buy?

by iupilon

Countertop blenders are the most common and diverse sorts of blenders on the market. They’re also known as jar or jug blenders because they have jars inside for blending ingredients.

Countertop blenders are generally heavier than handheld immersion blenders. They can only blend in one area or spot for obvious reasons. Countertop blenders are powerful because they include a high-performance motor that can combine soft and hard ingredients and substantial amounts of liquids for a great, smooth result.

Anyone can utilize countertop blenders to make organic nut butter, savory and sweet smoothies, fresh and healthy juices, etc. The blending functions for tiny to significant amounts of ingredients are more varied with a countertop blender.

Countertop blenders all utilize a massive jar or jug that fits on top of a high-powered motor base despite their various designs. Because they have tall pitchers, these blenders can blend and process large amounts of ingredients.

There are variations. For example, the single-serve blender has a unique design that makes it more portable but powerful enough for the basic tasks in the kitchen.

If you need to make baby food, purees, and smoothies regularly, a professional-grade A standard countertop blender can easily accommodate most pureed food batches for small to medium-sized families.

A countertop blender is simple to use since it has settings that allow you to regulate the grinding and blending procedure. Some are automated, having pre-programmed settings that make combining consistent and straightforward.

Even as a beginner, you can make the perfect smoothie using the presets with a single button push. Many new, high-quality models also have a self-cleaning option that makes cleaning a lot easier than before.

Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender

The Ninja BL660 is a middle-of-the-road countertop blender that is already professional-grade. By professional-grade, we mean that it is equipped with a large enough motor (1100 watts) to get the job done quickly. In the case of countertop blenders, the size and power of the engine are critical for determining what the blender can contribute to your kitchen.

The manufacturer designed this middle-of-the-road countertop blender for quickly making smoothies and other frozen drinks. This is an important distinction. Not all blenders are equipped with suitable blades and motors to crush ice and frozen ingredients. More complex ingredients will cream many lower-powered blenders. If you are tired of having burned-out motors at home with cheaper blenders, the BL660 is a suitable replacement that won’t break your heart.

The BL660 has a single-serve function (one of the presets that we love) and three power levels to control the blades’ speed and power. The jug is BPA-free and is also dishwasher safe. To be precise – the jars and cups used in making smoothies are best rinsed first before being carefully placed in the dishwasher. This blender comes To-Go lids, Nutri Ninja cups, and one large jug with a cover.

Buy the BL660 if you need a powerful blender with a large enough motor to crush ice and frozen berries without breaking down.

Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System and Blender

Should you need even more power for your kitchen, the BL770 steps up for the pitch. This reasonably-priced mega countertop blender has a larger motor at 1500 watts and is also equipped with a specially-designed dough blade on top of the signature Total Crushing jug. The total capacity of this blender is 72 ounces, and the manufacturer promises that it will crush ice and snow in seconds.

If you have purchased larger and heavier countertop blenders before, you probably know that the best test of the motor is crushing ice. Ice is so resistant that it can bring down expensive motors fast.

But that’s the thing – these larger countertop blenders are supposed to withstand the rigors of having to crush ice repeatedly. Since this blender is more significant, it comes with sixteen-ounce cups. So if you need to make the dough – think again – you don’t need to do it by hand anymore.

The blender can handle up to two pounds of fresh dough – fast. Pasta, any smoothie, anyone? We mean business when we say that this Ninja blender has pretty much everything you need to run a tight kitchen.

The manufacturer recommends that users wash the blades and the jug with warm and soapy water. We know why – you would want to remove the dough from the blade before storing everything for subsequent use. Just imagine the pain of eliminating stuck and dry dough!

The aptly named BL770 Mega Kitchen System and Blender is a monster among professional-grade countertop blenders. The price point is reasonable, and this monster can replace two or three smaller blenders easily. In addition, the large capacity jug is fantastic for making several servings of your fruit smoothies in a snap. So what will you be blending next?

Ninja Personal Blender

Sometimes, it’s not about the capacity but what the blender can do in small, tight spaces. The Ninja Personal Blender designed to make the smoothest shakes and frozen blending is one such example. Despite its diminutive look, the Ninja Personal Blender is equipped with a monster, 700-watt motor base. With so many personal blenders packing less than 600 watts of power in their tiny motors, we wonder how Ninja could pack so much power in such a small package.

This personal blender is only 13″ tall and 4″ wide. That’s tiny. That means it will barely occupy any spot on your kitchen counter. Unfortunately, that’s just as big as a typical lava lamp. But with this much power, you can make smoothies before heading to the gym or just because you feel like it, which is more important. The Ninja Personal Blender is also equipped with patented Pulse Technology. This means each press delivers a blistering amount of power. That’s good for someone who needs to crush those frozen blueberries to perfection. No one likes sloppy smoothies.

Get the Ninja Personal Blender if you’re tired of tiny blenders that don’t deliver. You deserve 700 watts of power each time you press the pulse. And now you can – easily.

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