The 3 Best Extractor Fans for Open Plan Kitchen

by iupilon

Choosing a kitchen extractor fan is an essential component of planning a kitchen. Furthermore, if your kitchen is open plan, you must have the greatest hood you can afford—you don’t want to be sat down to dinner in a cloud of odors.

Aside from electricity and location, there are several other practical considerations to consider when looking for a new extractor, such as how noisy it is and where it’ll be installed. However, the aesthetic of your extractor fan is just as significant, especially in a living or entertaining area.

However, there are various options available, from ceiling-mounted units to eye-catching suspended extractors and downdraft designs, so there’s no need to compromise aesthetic for function.

All the best kitchen extractor fans for an open plan kitchen are featured here, so there’s something for every kitchen design and budget. As an open-plan kitchen, dining, and living spaces have become more prevalent in recent years, the need for efficient extraction is more significant than ever.

Considering that extractors can cost anywhere between $50 to $3,000, it’s essential to prioritize your needs before deciding on a pricing range. This list includes AC Infinity AIRLIFT T10, iPower 12-Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan, and iLiving 10-Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan.

Do You Need an Extractor Fan in an Open Plan Kitchen?

Having a large extractor fan in an open-plan kitchen is necessary to avoid odors from escaping into the soft furnishings, as ventilation is critical. In addition, extractor hoods or fans are the most efficient since they remove all steam and lipids from the hob and eject them outside your home.

Individual hobbies and social interactions can coexist in open floor layouts, allowing family members to do their things while keeping in touch with one another. When it’s time to have a party, the kitchen, dining area, and living room create a single, spacious gathering place.

A kitchen without an extractor hood is incomplete. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a high-tech model or something more practical; these extractors are crucial to the efficient operation of any kitchen.

As of April 2006, new kitchens constructed after that date must have extract ventilation installed by law. If the filthy air is removed externally, a kitchen will follow these rules.

In addition, the extraction airflow rate, as specified in the government-approved document, must be included. If the hood filters the air and circulates it throughout the kitchen, the house will not meet these regulations.

Using an extractor fan when the hob is on will help to reduce the risk of future issues, such as smoke and steam buildup. The presence of steam contributes to the dampness that might shorten the lifespan of kitchen cabinets and worktops.

How Do I Choose a Kitchen Extractor?

  • Budget
    Depending on the type of extractor you select, the goal of kitchen extraction is to eliminate oil, smoke, and foul cooking odors from your home. It costs roughly $150 to buy a working and well-designed extractor. Unfortunately, it’s also becoming increasingly popular to spend more than $500 on an extractor that’s supposed to be a focal point in its own right.
  • Extractor type
    Choosing between a ducted-out or recirculating extractor is the first decision you will have to make, as this will dictate where you can or cannot place it. Recirculation or ducted-out extraction is two options for many hood designs. Your kitchen fitter can help you understand the possibilities and restrictions of the various components in your proposed layouts.
  • Decibel rating
    An extractor’s noise level should also be considered before making a purchase. There is a decibel rating for each model, which indicates the hood’s amount of noise. The hood becomes noisier as the speed increases, but higher-end models tend to be quieter at all power settings.
  • Capacity level
    An extractor’s capacity is often determined by multiplying the kitchen’s volume (length × width × height) by 10: the approximate number of air changes each hour. You should also consider the cooking method to be used in your kitchen. In some cooking methods, such as frying and indoor grilling, extraction is more important than others.

Which Is the Best Extractor Fan for Kitchen?

A sleek, modern extractor fan is a focal point in an open-plan kitchen. Not only do you obtain clean air, but these fans may also serve as a focal point in your kitchen design. Your kitchen can make a subtle statement of welcome quality with a nice one.

There’s an extractor fan for every kitchen design and budget here, from chimney hoods to wall-mounted variants to freestanding models that may be mounted on kitchen islands to downdraft models.

Consideration must be given while selecting an extractor fan for your kitchen. When you’re cooking in a room that’s exposed to the rest of the house, it’s critical to have the best ventilation system you can afford.

AC Infinity AIRLIFT T10

This small-sized ventilation and cooling fan are ideal as a kitchen exhaust fan. In addition, it’s excellent for confined spaces because of its adaptability and ability to serve multiple purposes.

Active temperature and humidity monitoring are built into the controller with each device. In addition, the fan’s speed can be configured to respond automatically to changes in humidity and temperature.

Custom timers and speeds can be set for the software to operate indefinitely or on a timer. Additional features include fan failure notifications, an eco-mode, and a backup copy of the operating system.

The controller’s built-in 12-foot wired sensor probe may monitor temperature and humidity levels. In addition, up to two fans from the AIRLIFT series can be controlled by this controller.

Aluminum blades, galvanized steel shutters, and steel wire guards are included in the heavy-duty design. Mounting hardware and an electrical outlet are included in the purchase price.

Weight-balanced aluminum construction provides a lighter and quieter impeller and blades. In addition, it has weather- and corrosion-resistant galvanized steel shutters that close automatically when not in use.

A PWM-controlled EC motor allows the fans to maximize airflow while minimizing sound and energy consumption. Additionally, this fan system’s permanently lubricated motor contains dual-ball bearings rated for 67,000 hours of operation and may be installed horizontally or vertically.


  • Exceptional quality with a premium feel for durability
  • Powerful and impressively efficient for its diminutive stature
  • Installs quickly and silently compared to other exhaust fans
  • Removes cooking odors and moisture from the kitchen


  • Wrong product sent by the company
  • The extractor fan is not working after a week of usage
  • Some vibration noise when in operation with some units
  • Disappointed in the performance of the sensory buttons

iPower 12-Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan

An exhaust fan that opens and closes on its own, this exhaust fan is a 12-inch shutter-style exhaust fan. Low-, medium-, and high-speed settings are available for the fan’s variable speed.

This unit is versatile for maximum cooling and air movement and extraction of hot air, cooking aromas, and moisture. It may be used in various locations, including the kitchen, chicken coop, greenhouse, garage, attic, and more. An opening in the wall can be used to mount it, or it can be placed in a window most needed.

Exhaust fans have automated shutters that open and close when the fan is running. Protected and lubricated from the inside out, the motor is housed in a thermally-insulated metal casing. Out of the box, this fan is ready to go, with no assembly required.

All business facilities, including cafes, industries, and warehouses, use power shutter exhaust fans to remove unwanted moisture and smells. This fan has automated shutters that open and close with the fan’s movement with its aluminum blades.

Thermal protection and continuous lubrication are included in the motor’s design. It’s only necessary to run an electrical hardwire after removing the fan from its packaging.


  • Strong and well-made louvers
  • Material has a professional feel to it and works well with a timer
  • Exhaust functions are excellent, and there is plenty of power
  • Adjustable speeds are a plus


  • The specifications are not accurate
  • Speed regulator does not control the speed of the fan
  • Delivery received with a missing power cord
  • Made with low-quality plastic that chips off after installation

iLiving 10-Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan

An exhaust fan for garages, attics, and shops, this exhaust fan may be installed into a wall. The fan can be used to cool and ventilate any room in your house or garage.

You may save money on your utility bills by using this exhaust fan in your home’s ventilation system. With this wall-mounted automatic shutter vent fan, you can rest assured that your home will remain cooler and more comfortable all year long.

These shutters, made of long-lasting, high-grade aluminum, can withstand moisture and heat better than competitors, extending the fan’s life. In addition, a speed controller can be used to modify the exhaust fan’s speed.

Larger kitchens with recessed wall installation can also benefit from this device as it can be used to raise and remove significant clouds of smoke and condensation from ranges. It also keeps hot spots in your home from overheating, which lowers your utility costs.

Heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant alloy steel and high-grade aluminum shutters are used in its construction. It’s suitable for use in kitchens, garages, and other areas where a kitchen exhaust fan is needed, such as stores and garages.


  • A well-built fan made of durable components
  • It can be installed in an assortment of ways
  • It has a remote control for easy operation
  • High-performance, air-moving fan suitable for removing pollutants


  • The extractor doesn’t work effectively
  • Terrible customer service with a faulty remote control
  • The temperature gauge isn’t working completely
  • Terrible fan when dealing with the winter season


The main picture is from Amazon – AC Infinity Store. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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