How to Reheat Boiled Eggs?

by iupilon

How to reheat boiled eggs? The classic boiled egg is a mainstay in so many regions that eventually, people ask how they can reheat unopened eggs sitting in their fridges. Can you reheat eggs? Yes, you can safely reheat eggs and eat them as long as they have been refrigerated properly. There are different methods for reheating boiled eggs:

Reheat Eggs with Hot Water

The simplest method for reheating boiled eggs is using boiling or at least hot water. Lukewarm water may not be as effective, especially if the eggs have been in the refrigerator for several days already. Place all your boiled eggs in the bowl and pour the hot water directly into the bowl. Continue pouring hot water until the eggs are covered. We don’t recommend reheating eggs that have already been peeled, as these will likely absorb water if reheated with this method.

Boil to Reheat the Eggs

If you want a more thorough reheating of cold, boiled eggs, you may want to try boiling the eggs instead. Fill a pan or pot with enough water to cover the eggs. Place all the eggs that need to be reheated before you turn on the heat. Set the fire/heat to medium or high and wait for the water to boil. Boil the eggs for a few minutes until the cold dissipates.

Steam the Eggs

Steaming works on just about any kind of food, including peeled and unpeeled boiled eggs. Place all your eggs in the steamer basket and steam for a few minutes. Be careful when holding the eggs as they can be very, very hot. The steam can also burn your hand. Turn off the steamer and allow the excess steam to dissipate first before handling the eggs.

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