How to Open Cans Without a Can Opener?

by iupilon

How to open cans without a can opener? If you are stuck at home without a single can opener, don’t fret – that can top will yield to you, we promise. There are several approaches to produce the same result.

You can open a can without a can opener easily using the following methods:

  • Open the can with a knife – Position the can on a flat and stable surface first. Get a sharp knife and place it on the lid’s inner side (not the outside). Place the knife on top (make sure it’s firm and flat) and tap the knife’s handle, so the tip punctures the can.
    Repeat this several more times, around the lid of the can. Leave a small gap between the holes. When you have punched holes around the top of the can, insert the blade in one of the holes (with the knife’s edge away from you) and move it back and forth.
    This will open the can easily, with minimal strain on your wrist. If you don’t like tapping several holes, you can open the can with just one hole, but this will take more effort, and there’s a chance that you might cut across the top of the can.
  • Open the can with a spoon – This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. It’s a neat trick if none of your friends know about it, too! Place the can on your table, and get a sturdy spoon.
    Place the tip of the spoon on the inner edge and begin pressing and rubbing one spot. The spoon’s force will eventually cause an indention on the top of the can until it breaks. Repeat the motion around the can until you can pry open the can.

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