Can I Store Flour in a Pet Food Container?

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Plastic is a versatile, flexible, and economical material that can be reproduced in no time. This material is abundant in everyday needs like eyeglasses, packaging material, and even food containers. Yes, your dependable food container can be made of plastic compounds. It can also be bacteria-resistant, which means it can be used for food-safe packaging and medical equipment.

Not all plastics are made from the same materials. A lot of plastic resins that are used for packaging are all considered recyclable. PET or polyethylene terephthalate is the most used plastic variant globally due to its durability, heat resistance, and glass-clear quality. Additionally, PET packaging is lightweight, making it easier to transport without the risk of falling.

This is also the same material used for making pet food containers. Pet food containers are large containers that can occupy up to 35 quarts. Since some pet food containers are made with BFA-free materials. Some consider using these containers to store other dried ingredients like dried barley, wheat, and even baking flours.

Are Pet Food Containers Food Safe for Humans?

Pet food containers are intended to keep large bulks of pet food in a secure vessel. These containers are usually food-safe, made with transparent plastic, an airtight seal with locking latches, and a sturdy wheeled base for more accessible transport. These food containers also come with a built-in scoop that collects food faster than usual.

While these dependable containers are sold as pet food containers, some decided to store their baking products—most huge flour packs. Technically, you can use clean plastic containers as long as it is free from moisture. It hasn’t been used for other materials.

If you are planning to reuse your pet food containers as baking products, you may skip the idea of doing so. Pet food products contain oils and proteins that stick throughout the plastic despite cleaning it further. Reusing the pet food container for flour storage will ruin the quality of your flour since it will absorb all the oil, moisture, and chemicals used in making the food.

Purchasing new pet food containers for human food storage is the most sanitary and ideal way of storing your food. It will reduce the risk of cross-contamination, plus you can ensure that there will be no sediments or aroma that will mix from your flour mix. Before having your pet food containers for flour storage, consider these things:

  • Check if the material used for the pet food container is BPA and PTFE-free. BPA (Bisphenol A) and PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) are substances used in plastic making linked to developmental and psychological issues. If these materials are used for your pet containers, do not use them for your pets since it affects the condition of your pets as well.
  • Do not reuse containers used for pet food and cleaning solutions for food consumption. Plastic absorbs moisture, oils, and scent from the previously-placed material. Placing your food will make it harmful for consumption.
  • Check if the containers are airtight and are made with locking latches to prevent food from falling off. This will also prevent moisture from filling the food, prolonging its freshness.

What Have We to Consider to Store Flour?

Storing flour is the best option to save more since they are sold wholesale. You will get more of your money compared to buying smaller pockets. However, bulkier purchase also requires more prominent means to store flour. This ingredient is essential in every baking pantry since it encompasses almost 75% of the entire dry ingredients.

Aside from baking, flour is used for cooking purposes as a thickener and binder. Knowing the things to consider in storing flour is essential to prevent rancidity and vermin from occurring. Excess moisture will make the flour sour and can be a home for vermin and other pests.

  • Preventing flour from losing its freshness means that it needs natural oils to remain calm as possible. If you have fridge space available for your flour, you may consider placing it there. If not, you may consider placing it near away from sunlight, moisture, and fire.
  • Flour storage must be dark since the light can generate heat as well. This may cause the flour to oxidate at a faster rate, disrupting the quality of your flour. Placing it inside an opaque container is another option. Just make sure that you are good at keeping the labels.
  • Placing it on a transparent, visible container is no problem as long as it is stored in a cold, dark place in your kitchen. Newly-purchased pet food containers are recommended since it has airtight seal lockets, and is made from food-grade plastic containers. Some variants also have a sturdy wheeled base, making it easier to transport in your cooking area.

Is It a Good Option to Store Flour?

With all things considered, you can use pet containers to store flour. As long as it has never been used in storing pet food containers, you can use it as your canister. Some Amazon products feature 3-piece storage containers includes a large wheeled container, a medium-sized airtight container, and a matching food scoop.

This variant is recommended since it is transparent, made with food-grade materials, and has an airtight container that prevents spillage and keeps out humidity, moisture, and pests that could make your food stay fresh. Airtight seal from food containers can keep the freshness for your floor. At the same time, the casters provide mobility for all areas of your kitchen.

Another thing that you need to consider for your storage option is its versatility and stacking properties. The smaller top container can store other dried ingredients like sugar, powdered milk, and yeast. The two containers can be stacked from one another—making it a versatile and functional combo inside your baking station.

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