5 Best Over The Sink Shelves for Your Home

by iupilon

Sincalong Over The Sink Shelf

The Sincalong Over The Sink Shelf is a giant among over the sink shelves. Rising at a minimum of 33″ to a towering 40″ is the largest of the shelves we have in our review today. Judging by the design, it is a two-tier assembly because there is a first-level that can accommodate large bottles, knives, and spoons. The central shelf is split into three zones. The first zone on the left side is a flat catch area for irregularly shaped items like fruits and vegetables. The middle zone has even slats for catching dishes and drying them. The third area has more full slats for stowing bowls after washing them. One side of this towering shelf can serve as a storage area for several cutting boards. It is literally like having a mini-kitchen space in front of you. Sincalong has truly outdone itself with the design. Despite the price tag, we feel that this is a worthy investment because you can store over a dozen different items effortlessly without sacrificing counter space.

Lipper Kitchen Sink Shelf

The Lipper Bamboo Kitchen Shelf looks at every part of a rustic kitchen, complete with mason jars and other traditional kitchenware to boot. This is the kitchen shelf you’d put if you love the warm and comforting glow and color of the wood. There is just something about wooden items that brings together a kitchen. Since the sink is the center of most kitchens, it makes sense to position any wooden accents.

The details will simply pop and make the kitchen look instantly better. The Lipper Kitchen Sink Shelf is best as additional storage for a variety of items, including scented candles, essential oil bottles, sponges, dishes, soap containers, squeeze bottles, and glass/metal dispensers.

It is the most convenient space for decors as well.

Decorate your kitchen with additional visual accents and place them on this wooden shelf for added emphasis. It is also made of bamboo, which does not harm the environment. Bamboo is also touted for its natural durability, which makes this shelve a hardy companion in the kitchen.

GSlife Over Kitchen Sink Shelf

The GSlie Over Kitchen Sink Shelf is an upgraded take on the traditional over the sink shelf. The slatted central shelf is ideal for holding a more substantial capacity of dishes, glasses, and food containers. This is one of the sturdiest dish racks/over the counter shelves in the market.

It is longer and broader than other shelves. With a four-point foundation for extra stability, you can confidently secure more dishes than usual and not worry about the organizer falling over. The manufacturer has also placed convenient, user-facing hooks for rags and other kitchenware.

This means you can easily store both horizontally and vertically, maximizing the forward-jutting space of the shelf and the horizontal capacity of the top of the tray. This is also a convenient dish drying rack that has been welded and polished to perfection, making it a long-lasting, practical investment for your kitchen.

The top weight of the shelf has been perfectly balanced, improving the shelf’s overall stability. The feet of the rack also has anti-skid rubber covers, which are perfect for the wet environment, such as the space around a sink, which may be consistently moist.

It measures 34.2″ in length, with a height of 23.4″ (almost two feet!). Additionally, this shelf is made of chrome-plated stainless steel, making it attractive and durable to have in the kitchen. All kitchen shelves must be permanent, especially if you are going to place many dishes on top. Invest in the best, and you are going to be happy with your purchase for a long time.

Whitmore Supreme Over The Sink Shelf Organizer

The Whitmore Supreme Over The Sink Shelf Organizer is an ideal solution to storage issues around the sink. If you lack counter space and would love a basic, single-shelf solution that won’t get in your hands, we recommend Whitmore Supreme’s take. It is well-balanced and ideal for a moderate amount of items. While this shelf doesn’t have the bells and whistles of other racks, it does make up for it in a stable foundation, slim legs and slatted top shelf for more comfortable drying of dishes.

The classic chrome design is also fitting for many modern kitchens, and it will fit right in. This is a lean and simple solution that will fix your counter space issues instantly.

You can adjust the height of the shelf in increments of one inch at a time so you can have it at an ideal height for storing dishes and other items you need nearby when washing dishes or preparing food.

With a little bit of ingenuity, you can easily add accessories like hooks and additional storage bits for further vertical use. Be creative, and this over the sink organizer will be your best friend in the kitchen in no time.

Home Basics Over the Kitchen Sink Shelf

Not everyone who wants an over the kitchen sink shelf needs a large one. Smaller kitchens may not have the vertical space for the bigger models. This is where Home Basics comes into the equation. The Home Basics Chrome Shelf is a low-riding and slim kitchen shelf that first perfect across a standard double-sink setup. It swoops entirely under the tap for the best fit, so you can push it close to the wall to free more counter space.

It provides six inches of shelf space, and a 37″ length for additional storage area minus a severe reduction of counter space. The total height is just seven inches, and it also comes with a neat twin compartment for brushes and any other kitchenware you may want to stow away near the sink. It’s slim and compact – just the way people like it.

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