Are Yogurt Drops Bad for Rabbits?

by iupilon

Can I Feed My Rabbit Yogurt Drops?

The simple answer is no; you should avoid giving your rabbits anything that has dairy content in it. This is one of the bigger problems in rabbits’ casual care – people think that healthy foods for humans can automatically be given to rabbits, and they’re going to be fine. Another factor here is that rabbits eat so much per day – about thirty times on average that it can be tempting to throw everything you have in the cage to find amusement in what they can eat effortlessly. Just because your rabbit will go for candy or yogurt drops doesn’t mean that it’s good for them. To be sure, the yogurt drops won’t harm your rabbit immediately. However, it’s the long-term issue that we are worried about here. The rabbits’ dietary requirement is very specific, and they are very simple feeders, so there is no need to mix things up and give them human food, to begin with.

Additionally, rabbits should be fed items like rhubarb and avocado, which can be fatal to rabbits. Cat food, dog food, muesli – these are comprised of some plant materials so rabbits can eat them – but in the long term, these inappropriate food items can also because digestive upset and even death in rabbits.  The first sign that you may not be giving your rabbits the right food is diarrhea. Rabbits shouldn’t have any diarrhea form, and there must be no regularity in the condition.

If you provide your rabbits with the right type of food, they would be mostly uninterested in grazing food that is not the right fit for them. Think of species-appropriate food whenever you are preparing food- don’t make rapid substitutions and certainly avoid experimenting with your pets just because you want to. 

What Happen If Rabbits Eat Yogurt Drops?

It is believed that feeding rabbits any quantity of yogurt drops can result in gastrointestinal illness. Since yogurt drops have excess sugar and other unhealthy compounds (for rabbits), experts fear that feeding this type of food to a pet rabbit can result in the overgrowth of harmful bacteria in the rabbit’s intestinal region. Every mammal has to maintain a certain level of intestinal flora to remain healthy. Any imbalances in a rabbit’s diet can cause good bacteria to die, and bad bacteria suddenly multiply. This is a critical point in your rabbit’s life, and it’s certainly something that you need to take care of if you want your rabbit to live longer. Rabbit experts also advise against giving rabbits anything with high sugar levels, as these can still lead to enterotoxemia. So it’s not just yogurt drops, but most human-made food packed with sweeteners and sugars.

And as for sugar alcohols and the like, it might be a good idea to veer away from these as these are not rabbit food either.

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