Are Yogurt Covered Pretzels Healthy?

by iupilon

Are Yogurt Covered Pretzels Covered In Yogurt?

If you think that yogurt pretzels are the answer you have been looking for, they’re not. The name doesn’t tell you how much yogurt you will get with each serving. What manufacturers fail to tell consumers outright is that yogurt pretzels only contain a minuscule amount of real yogurt – and it is in powder form.

This has many consequences for the person snacking, especially if he picked up a pack or two yogurt-covered pretzels, thinking it’s a healthy snacking choice.

You might be disappointed to discover that these snacks are mostly covered in oil (as in palm oil, any of its varieties) and sugar. Artificial food dyes are also used to make the outer layer or yogurt layer look pristine, so the food becomes more enticing.

If you want the benefits of yogurt, we recommend that you get real yogurt instead of yogurt pretzels to benefit from the real thing. You are not going to get probiotics or any of the benefits of yogurt from any yogurt-covered snacks.

If you want something covered in yogurt, buy some yogurt and then dip fruits into the yogurt instead. Another option would be to create some yogurt parfait and mix and match your favorite berries. If you know how to create homemade granola, that’s an awesome way to boost your yogurt parfait and make it even healthier. Otherwise, stick to the real thing instead.

How Many Calories Are Yogurt Covered Pretzels?

One serving of yogurt-covered pretzels is on average thirty grams and provides 150 calories of energy. 42% of the total calories from this snack is derived from fat, which is presumably the pretzels’ oil content.

You will also get seven grams of total fat, six grams of saturated fat, 45 mg of sodium, and 21 grams of carbohydrates. If you think that yogurt-covered snacks are awesome because they have some yogurt, this is inaccurate as it has high sugar and fat content, to begin with. People with diabetes fare better with less than ten grams of added sugar, and this one has 21 grams per serving. If a pack has five servings, then that’s 21 grams x 5, or 105 grams of sugar already. Is it healthy? Not even close. 

Do Pretzels Make You Gain Weight?

All kinds of pretzels can make you gain weight if all you eat are pretzels all day. Pretzels are loaded with fats, simple carbohydrates, and sodium – the trinity of bad health.

We highly recommend that you shift to healthier sources of carbohydrates and fats and slim down your consumption of pretzels, even the ones that are supposedly covered with yogurt.

This will give you control of your fat intake and blood sugar levels, too. There’s nothing to gain from snacking on too many pretzels, and they’re not healthy as a type of bread either. Go for whole-grain bread and pastries, and you will see the difference.  

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