Are Casserole Dishes Microwave Safe?

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Many kitchen equipments are considered microwave safe. But if you insist on placing the wrong dish, it could ruin both the dishwasher and your equipment. A microwave is a convenient appliance; it could reheat dishes with a press of a button or a twist of a knob. Using containers that are not suitable for this equipment could be dangerous. Inappropriate containers can break, burn, and scald you. Foil-lined containers, which are not suitable inside the microwave, could also potentially destroy your item. Casserole dishes, made of several materials, shapes, and sizes, may or may not be placed inside the microwave.

What Is a Microwave Safe Casserole Dish Made Of?

Microwave-safe casserole dishes are commonly made with tempered glass or special coating. To ensure that your dish could be placed inside the microwave, inspect the microwave handle’s bottom for the stamped disclaimer.

Make sure that it is indicated “Microwave Safe” before placing. If the indicated mark is “Oven Safe,” do not consider the same heating equipment as one. Microwave ovens cook food faster due to its intense heat, which some oven-safe casserole dish is not capable of.

A hazard-free casserole dish should not have a metal trim or line, which will spark the radiation that can damage the microwave. Select round or oval-shaped casseroles to prevent overcooking your food. Corners found in square and rectangular casseroles capture heat faster.

If your casserole dish has protruding handles, make sure that it is made of microwave-safe material to prevent melting and burning inside the gadget. Clear glass lids are better to use than plates and cling wraps so that the casserole dish’s content is easier to detect.

Glass and ceramics are generally safe for microwaves, especially if it is coated with a protective layer. Plastic casseroles could also be placed inside a microwave, but with shorter periods of cooking only. You may use microwave-safe plastics but for reheating foods.

How Do You Know If a Dish Is Microwave Safe?

Not all casserole dishes are labeled microwave safe. Still, if you want to do an easy test to identify if your dish can be used inside the microwave, you can do it at home. First, fill your microwave-safe cup with three-quarters full of water.

Place this cup above your unlabeled dish inside the microwave for one minute. Use oven mitts or potholder to remove your cup and dish. Touch the dish and the water inside the cup.

Your dish is not microwaved safe if it is warm to touch while the water is cold. This is because the dish absorbs the heat, which should not be the case for microwave-safe products. The dish is safe for microwave use if it is cold and the water is warm. A microwave-safe dish doesn’t absorb the radiation and heat.

Once you’ve tested all of your unlabeled utensils, you may use smudge-proof ink, permanent ink, or food-grade paint to place appropriate labels at the bottom of your dish. You may also indicate a warning logo if the utensil is unsafe inside the microwave.

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