5 Unique Electric Knives for Your Kitchen in 2022

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Nothing compares to the speed and ease at which the best electric knife can cut through the toughest bread. When you lack the wrist power or only the energy to do things manually, you can always rely on a quality cordless electric knife to cut for you. We bring you the best of electric knife reviews from Amazon so you can select the best electric carving knife for your kitchen. Find out which modern electric kitchen knife suits your needs in today’s mega review.

Cuisinart Electric Knife

Cuisinart is a leading brand in knives and other kitchen appliances, and it’s no small wonder that it has produced a line of electric kitchen knives that do the job perfectly well. This robust knife comes with its own butcher’s block that houses the knife’s motor when you are not using it.

This model has been ergonomically designed, so any pull or push motion is distributed evenly while you hold the electric knife for added control and stability. The company offers a three-year guarantee so that you can use the entire set with confidence. The set includes two blades – one that is especially fitted for carving different kinds of meat, while the other blade is made especially for slicing through bread.

Cuisinart’s dual-blade set comes with a mix of reviews. Some customers say that the engine overheats quickly, and the butcher’s block is somewhat hard to use because it doesn’t have space for the cord. On the other hand, the satisfied buyers have encountered none of these problems and are just using the knife for cutting bread and prime rib. Reviews state that putting the power button on top is a boon when you’re covered in beef juices, and this electric knife is easy to use.

Hamilton Beach Electric Knife

This sleek and compact electric knife from Hamilton Beach Store is the perfect accompaniment for picnics and family trips. We love the super compact design of the handle and motor, plus the sleek blade that is perfect for cutting meat and bread. This electric knife was designed to make quick work of different kinds of food, and you can surely use it for a variety of meats (as long as you’re not trying to cut past bone). It is also naturally space-saving and comes with a compact carrying case that makes it 100% more portable than other electric knives in a shipping box.

People who ordered and used this electric knife have mixed feedback about it. On the one hand, some users say that the electric knife is stable and easy to use. Others say that they had to saw against fruit or bread to get the blade to work. And still, others say that it performed ideally, and the box was just perfect for it. We think, for the most part, the problem is that it’s a more compact model, so compared to larger electric knives with bigger motors, the cutting power is reduced.

NutriChef Electric Carving Slicer Kitchen Knife

Unlike other electric knife models, the NutriChef Electric Carving Slicer Kitchen Knife has a safety lock installed, alongside the one-touch power button. This is a big bonus for households with small children – the extra safety brings comfort to the homemaker since anything can happen in the kitchen when there are small children. We think that this electric knife’s dimensions are perfect – the slim grip is ideal, and the electric knife’s body perches perfectly on the particular butcher’s block that comes with the electric knife.

Many customers who purchased this electric knife were surprised as to how well it worked. Many buyers are long-time users of electric knives, so they have had the opportunity to compare brands and performance over time. This model seems to deliver both performance and longevity since some electric knives break or split at the handle. Luckily, this model seems to be holding up quite well, even under heavy use.

Hamilton Beach Classic Electric Knife

This is the second Hamilton Beach Electric Knife in our rundown of the best electric knives this 2022, and we believe the Classic model deserves a spot because of its excellent design and performance.

Unlike the ultra-portable version that we featured early in this review, the Hamilton Beach Classic Electric Knife has all the heft and the looks of a conventional but modern electric knife for heavy use. This electric knife was designed to be used as much as possible since its super sharp blade can quickly handle roasts and meat. Work through bread and meat like they were nothing.

Knife users who purchased the Classic model are quick to say that the blade is sharp enough to cut through soft materials, including foam for gun cases.

Of course, it was not designed to cut through foam, but you get the picture quickly of how precise the blades are as they oscillate. However, keep in mind that you should mostly limit the cutting to softer items, so you don’t break the electric knife’s tang. We’d say that this was a moderate duty electric knife but mostly designed for tender meat and bread.

Proctor Silex Easy Slice Electric Knife

The Proctor Silex Easy Slice Electric Knife is a powerful addition to any kitchen because it was designed to cut through both food and craft materials. This is the first model we have seen advertised to cut meat and bread and essential craft items like foams. We love versatile electric knives, and this one fits the bill perfectly.

Customer reviews confirm that people are buying it for upholstery and other small craft projects and cutting food items. We love how people are just happy with the performance, too. People who bake bread at home are also impressed at the speed and ease of slice through the homemade bread.

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