Will Pineapple Juice Make You Poop

by iupilon

Is Pineapple Juice a Natural Laxative?

Yes, pineapple juice is a natural laxative and can be considered a natural remedy for constipation. Pineapples and other fruits have what is called fermentable, soluble fiber, and studies show that this special fiber can ease constipation symptoms. The Bristol scale is an easy method of identifying the health of the gut.

The looser the stools, the more likely there are to be problems with the digestive tract. Pineapple can aid good bacteria in the small intestines by providing a mass that can easily be fermented and consumed. The digestive system is complex, and the digestive tract is teeming with good bacteria and bad bacteria. Many other studies show that when you take care of the microbiota in the digestive tract, you also take care of the digestive process and improve it in the long term.

This is something that you should aim for if you have acute or chronic constipation. On top of pineapple, you’re probably should also eat more probiotic food like yogurt, which can also improve constipation symptoms and loosen feces, so they become easier to move.

Regarding what type of pineapple you should be eating, we recommend fresh pineapple (either prepared at home or canned). The reason for this is that cooked pineapple appears to be less effective in controlling constipation symptoms. One animal study showed that fresh pineapple with active bromelain enzymes readily improved constipation symptoms and helped cut down symptoms of inflammation in mice.

Is It OK to Drink Pineapple Juice every day?

If you are not sensitive to pineapple components (the fruit), then there shouldn’t be any reason for you not to be able to consume fresh pineapple juice every day. Of course, this is a conditional go-ahead for drinking pineapple juice because not everyone can tolerate the natural enzymes and acids in pineapple. On top of having vitamin C (ascorbic acid), pineapple also contains eight percent citric acid, known for giving the pineapple its tart taste. Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons also contain citric acid.

Aim for one serving of pineapple juice a day, and make sure that you don’t consume too much in the beginning. It’s best to pace your consumption of new food items and fresh juices to ensure that your digestive system gets used to it first. A single pineapple serving contains as much as 55% RDA for manganese, over 100% RDA for vitamin C, and so much more.

And let’s not forget that pineapples also contain natural antioxidants protective of the body at the cellular level. Everyone needs a big boost of antioxidants in their diets, as it’s important to improve the organs’ overall health. Antioxidants benefit every organ, starting from the brain to the most hard-working organs like the liver, kidneys, and heart, too.


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