How to Keep Green Beans Fresh: The Easiest Way to Keep Them Fresh Longer

by iupilon

How to Keep Green Beans Fresh?

How to store fresh green beans? Green beans are a whiz ingredient for so many kinds of dishes, so it makes sense that home cooks want to keep their green beans fresher, longer. Below are some steps to help you accomplish this:

  • Green beans are best stored if they are unwashed (super dry) and in plastic containers with airtight lids. If you don’t have airtight lids at home, then any other container with a tight-enough lid should do. Keep in mind that this method of storing is for whole beans. Without refrigeration, the beans will stay fresh for an average of seven days.
  • If you want to keep your green beans longer, you need to freeze them. Remove the ends of the green beans and then slice them to your preferred lengths. Please place them in airtight, zip-top bags or airtight containers with locking lids and then freeze them. Keep them in the freezer, and you will be able to keep the green beans in a generally good condition for months.
  • If you want partially boiled green beans but would like to store them longer, boil the green beans for three minutes and then drain them. Allow the green beans to cool sufficiently before bagging them and freezing them. They may also be refrigerated, but you will need to ensure that you will use them in a few days as they won’t keep for long in the fridge.
  • Green beans can also be placed in jars. Sterilize the jars before placing the green beans inside. Pour boiling water and then close the jars. Air bubbles should be eliminated. Close the lid to create a natural vacuum.

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