Top Ice Cream Brands for 2022

by iupilon

What ice cream brands should you explore during the holidays and this coming year? We examine more closely the popular and amazing brands that have rocked people’s world in the time of the pandemic.

What Are the Top 10 Ice Cream Brands?

What is the best ice cream brand ever? We took a closer look at the global champions of cold cream, and these are the top ten:

  1. Ben & Jerry’s – Founded in 1978, Ben & Jerry’s is a well-loved brand in the U.S. and abroad. After two decades of independent operation, the brand was eventually acquired by Unilever.
  2. Baskin Robbins – Baskin Robbins is globally famous and is a household name in ice cream. What started as a small business merger in 1946 quickly grew into a global ice cream empire, with more than seven thousand stores around the world.
  3. Haagen-Dazs – Haagen-Dazs is produced by Nestle and is a true-blue American ice cream brand with a strong presence in Asia and Europe.
  4. Wall’s – Walls is an ice cream brand from the Unilever Group. What started as a small ice cream brand in 1922 continued to flourish today after Unilever acquired the brand. Wall’s has a strong presence in almost every country and has a charming lineup of different flavors for people to enjoy.
  5. Dairy Queen – Undoubtedly one of the biggest players in creamy ice cream, D.Q. is an all-American ice cream brand that has withstood the test of time and continues to charm the public with its fast-food restaurant’s mall branches in different regions. D.Q. is known for its soft-serve ice cream offerings.
  6. Nestle – Nestle is the mother company of many ice cream and ice cream products and is based in Switzerland. It is the conglomerate behind brands like Dreyer’s and Nestle Extreme.
  7. Blue Bell Creameries – Blue Bell Creameries is one of the oldest ice cream brands around, established in 1907. It is known not just in the U.S. but also around the world. At present, it has 66 different flavors under its brand, and it has netted $1 billion in revenue last year alone.
  8. Breyers – An even older global brand is Breyers, which first came into existence in 1866. A charming Pennsylvanian brand, its present lineup emphasizes natural flavors like vanilla, mint chocolate chip, strawberry, etc.
  9. Cold Stone Creamery – A “teenage” brand compared to the older brands in our top ten lineups, Cold Stone Creamery was first established in 1988 in the U.S. Later on, the company exported its goods to Thailand, China, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, among many other territories.
  10. Carte D’Or –Carte D’Or is another great Unilever brand that was first launched in the United Kingdom. Tubs of chocolate ice creams are the most popular from this brand. Carte D’Or ice cream can be purchased from Walls Stores.

What Are the Most Popular Ice Cream Brands?

The most popular and best ice cream brands around would have to be Ben & Jerry’s and Baskin Robbins as they top our global countdown of top ice cream brands. Ben & Jerry’s currently has sixty flavors available selectively in different regions.

On the other hand, Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors – all original – and this number has always been at the core of Baskin Robbin’s lore. The number has even been integrated into the Baskin Robbins’ logo. If you look carefully, the rounded “B” part stands in as a three, while the sidestroke is one.

What Is the Most Expensive Ice Cream Brand?

While this ice cream cannot be found in supermarkets, the Black Diamond dessert at the Scoopi Café in Dubai is the most expensive single serving of ice cream globally at a whopping $817 per serving.

The Black Diamond is made by hand and made fresh each time. While the price is heart-attack-inducing, we should put things into context: the Black Diamond is no ordinary ice cream as top ingredients and gold is added to the dessert before being served to the customer.

What Is the Best Tasting Nondairy Ice Cream?

If you are looking for the best dairy-free ice cream, you are probably thinking of the best-tasting non-dairy ice cream, too. Luckily, ice cream companies have been wracking their brains for so long on making this work, and the current market offerings are top-notch.

Ben & Jerry’s, for one, has its own P.B. & Cookies ice cream. P.B. & Cookies is vanilla-flavored and has plenty of peanut butter, too. Sounds strange, right? This amazing creation doesn’t have a drop of milk in it, but it still works as great ice cream.

Another option would be Coolhaus Chocolate Sandwich Cookie Crumb. Keep in mind that Coolhaus is known for being very experimental with its flavors, and the more you dig into their menu, the more ‘far out’ the flavors get.

Nonetheless, Coolhaus has gotten consistently good reviews for years, so this brand is worth trying if you are avoiding dairy for health reasons. If you are a fan of coconut milk, we recommend NadaMoo! Cookies and Crème. NadaMoo! Makes use of coconut milk instead of cow’s milk to create ice cream. The base is creamy and fatty, just like milk, which is why NadaMoo! Creations work.

What Is the Healthiest Nondairy Ice Cream?

The best non-dairy ice cream should also be healthy, right? If you are looking for healthier offerings minus the dairy and the excess sugars, we recommend opting for creations like Oatly Vanilla, which takes plant-based ice cream making to the extreme. Oatly Vanilla uses oat milk as the base of the creation.

We all know that oats can be very nutty and creamy at the same time, and when you process that natural creaminess and combine it with different ingredients, you’re going to get mind-bogglingly-good ice cream. Almond Dream is another brand worth trying if you’re from the U.K. A.D.’s Toffee Almond Fudge is a worthy contender to Ben & Jerry’s and is a consistent crowd favorite.


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