Top 1 Best Brass Kitchen Faucet 2022

by iupilon

The Kraus Artec Pro 2-function commercial-style pre-rinse kitchen faucet is the best brass kitchen faucet on Amazon. The following features make this the best brass pull down kitchen faucet ever:

  • The Kraus Artec Pro is made from genuine brass and has a brushed gold finish that makes it one of the most high-end-looking commercial-style faucets around. One look and you will know that it will make your home look warmer and more elegant. The brushed gold finish is also excellent for forms that have more neutral tones. Never fear that your new Kraus Artec Pro will stick out like a twig in a kitchen full of neutral swathes of colors.
  • This commercial-style faucet has a wear-resistant finish that does not tarnish even as it ages. Tarnish-resistant faucets do not react to moisture and the air, in general, the same way as jewelry, so there is nothing to fear if you feel that the brushed gold finish will eventually brown and turn to nothing.
  • This faucet is not just pretty: it is equipped with two powerful functions that make it super useful in a very busy kitchen. The first function is the adjustable flow rate. You can immediately increase the flow rate from 1.8 gpm to a fast 2.2 gpm to fill pots and other cookware quickly and effortlessly. The pre-rinse sprayer is best for removing dried up food residues to making dishwashing that much easier.
  • This faucet is equipped with magnetic docking, so it goes right back to its original position after you pull down the sprayer. Wear and tear are reduced this way, and everything is where it’s supposed to be.
  • This faucet has a high arc and 360° swivel head for more efficient use in various kitchen tasks.

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