Top 1 Best Carpet for Kitchen 2022

by iupilon

The best carpet for the kitchen should be highly functional yet still very luxurious to enhance your kitchen’s modern look. One of the best kitchen rugs  around is Turquoize’s shaggy chenille rug, and here are the reasons why:

  • This is the plushest shag rug you will ever find anywhere – and your feet and legs will thank you for it. This is an excellent way to relieve fatigue when working in the kitchen. Having sufficient cushioning will also result in fewer callouses on your feet and the underside of your toes. Chenille microfiber is one of the softest fabrics globally, and it is also highly functional because of its naturally high absorbency that takes away liquids from the surface faster than you can notice them.
  • Chenille fiber is an excellent way to keep your hardwood floors free of water stains and other liquid stains that will eventually wear down the hardwood flooring’s protective layer. If you want to maintain immaculate hardwood flooring, invest in the right quantity of chenille rugs for your kitchen.
  • The backing of the rug has anti-skid technology, which has been secured with a hot melt spray. Hot melt spray ensures that the backing will not slip off, and the rug will remain fixed on the floor regardless of the weight and motion involved.
  • Even when the rug is wet, the backing will continue to protect you from dangerous slips that may cause a lot of injuries. Be careful when installing other rugs that don’t have any anti-skid precautions built into the design. This feature is best for homes with small kids and seniors that may end up with severe injuries when they slip.
  • The rug is visually refreshing and can be placed in any part of the house, not just the kitchen.

Photo from Watermark Designs.

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