How to Thicken Chowder Without Flour?

by iupilon

How to Thicken Chowder?

How to make chowder thicker? The common method of thickening chowder is by adding flour. However, if you happen to be missing this crucial ingredient, there are some worthy substitutions that you can try:

  • Cornstarch – Combine the quantity of cornstarch that you need with some cold water first. Stir the bowl until the cornstarch dissolves. You will produce an even slurry after mixing. Pour the slurry slowly into the chowder and continue stirring until integration occurs. As the heat continues through the stock, you will see your chowder thickening.
  • Potatoes – Boil a potato or two until well-cooked. Mash the potatoes until all the smallest pieces turn into the mash. Slowly integrate the mash into the chowder and stir. Pureeing will also work since you won’t be after the texture of the mash anyway. Adding grains like rice will also help thicken the chowder, but only slightly. If everything else is missing, your last resort would be bread crumbs. It would help if you cooked the breadcrumbs evenly until they melt in the chowder. Since breadcrumbs are technically made of flour, you should get a good consistency.
  • Coconut milk – This may come as a surprise to many, but coconut milk will work with chowders because it is naturally creamy but has a mostly neutral flavor profile. The taste of creamy coconut also works well with any dish, and the coconut milk will add a zing to your soup immediately. Start with a small quantity first and check the taste. Work your way up until you get the right consistency without affecting the flavor too much.
  • Vegetables – Vegetables like beans can be pureed with some stock to produce a thickener. Be sure to remove any tough vegetable fibers before adding them.

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