Why Are Pans Provided with Copper Bottoms?

by iupilon

Pots and pans with copper bottoms are called copper-clad cookware, and there are many reasons why professional chefs and the most distinguishing home cooks choose copper cookware/copper-clad cookware for their highest cooking needs.

Below are the many reasons why you should seriously consider investing in cookware with copper bottoms:

  • Copper-clad cookware is a healthier choice for cookware. If you are serious about investing in cookware that will last for years and will not inadvertently transfer toxins to your food, this type of cookware is a good pick. The next best things for your kitchen include stainless steel cookware and ceramic cookware. But for the most versatile experience, nothing comes close to the performance of copper.
  • Copper is the perfect conductor of heat. When heat uptake and distribution is at 100%, professional chefs can set the fire on low and gently cook food without running into problems. Imagine cooking a big, fat steak on a pan that is 100% hot at the center but only 60% at the sides. The steak center will cook faster and might even scorch if the person cooking doesn’t put the meat to the side on time. This applies most especially to older pans, even if they are nonstick.
  • Copper cookware doesn’t back out from any cooking method. Whether it’s pan-roasting or stewing, set the right temperature level and expect the correct type of cooking to happen.
  • Copper-bottomed cookware can greatly improve cooking times, and in the process, reduce heat wastage. This translates to lower gas bills because you don’t have to touch your pan on high to improve your cooking time. People who use old warped pans and pots will know the struggle of uneven pans and harmful metals. It takes forever for the heat to distribute evenly, and scorching is highly possible when you need to stew a large quantity of meat for a long time. For instance, the pot’s bottom will eventually overheat at the center, causing the meat to scorch and stick to the metal.
  • Copper has been used for cooking meals for over 9,000 years. This means that humans have used it for longer than any other metal, and you can be sure that it will continue to serve your needs for a long time, too. Trust history on this one!
  • We now know fully that copper-clad cookware is very efficient for cooking. But what else does it provide? A quick look at the natural properties of copper will reveal that it naturally fights bacteria. Bacteria disassembles in the presence of copper. Think of copper as a natural trigger for short-circuiting harmful pathogens.
    There’s a reason why the top of the line door handles are made from copper. It’s tough for bacteria to survive on copper surfaces. When you use copper cookware, you can be guaranteed that you will not accidentally serve food tainted with bacteria or food-borne pathogens. That’s a huge sigh of relief for home cooks everywhere.

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