The 3 Best Baking Sheets Without Sides 2022

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For a long time now, cookie sheets and “baking sheets” have been used interchangeably in the culinary world. If you find these terms confusing, don’t be – they essentially refer to the same thing. However, baking sheets have rolled edges on all sides, while the cookie sheets have no sides at all. Cookie sheets are considered “baking sheets without sides” because of their almost similar construction, materials used, and cost. If you want a wider surface area for your cookies—consider having a no-side baking sheet. However, you cannot use cookie sheets for roasting, baking, or anything that will have juices or liquids (for obvious reasons).

Calphalon Nonstick Cookie Sheet

Calphalon bakeware provides easy-to-bake materials for your cakes and cookies. Made and constructed with heavy-duty steel cores, Calphalon bakeware has the sufficient durability and heat resistance needed for your daily baking and cooking. Made with interlocking nonstick layers, this cookie sheet delivers the required glide for the cookies to slide outside the sheet—reducing broken cookies and pastries.

Made with steel core, this cookie sheet can be used at temperatures up to 500°F (260°C). Aside from its durability, this steel core is known to distribute heat evenly while not leaving the bottom part of the dough burnt. Steel is a good thermal conductor, and it can diffuse heat better than other materials.

Achieve moist cookies and perfectly browned pizza crust professionally by using this bakeware. Several dishes like pizza require intense heat for the food to cook thoroughly. Having a cookie sheet that can surpass the needed temperature will make your baking more efficient. Release your pizza and cookies quickly with this no-sides sheet. Tilt the cookie sheet, and the food will slide evenly.

Bake your dough without sticking it into the baking sheet with Calphalon’s nonstick function. Have a beautiful, gloss finish on your bakeware while having a piece of valuable equipment in the kitchen. Nonstick sheets are coated with special materials that resist water, oils, and grease from penetrating the solid cookie sheet.

Modified to provide better utilization in the kitchen, this version is two times better than the classic version of this bakeware. In this version, the interlocking nonstick layers provide longer-lasting and higher performance. Food glides quickly with the improved nonstick coating while lasting further than the old version.

The Calphalon cookie sheet is dishwasher-safe, which makes cleaning a lot easier. You may place it directly inside the dishwasher without the fright of bending and warping the cookie sheet. The manufacturer also provided a full lifetime warranty—and can provide replacement due to baking damage. 

Chicago Metallic Professional Non-Stick Baking Sheet

Chicago Metallic believes in the power of serious bakeware. Since they’ve allotted their dedication to providing professional-grade equipment for serious baking, the manufacturer designed their professional nonstick baking sheet. For over 100 years, Chicago Metallic has innovated its products to provide the much-needed equipment for amateur and professional bakers.

Made with aluminized steel, this baking sheet is designed to endure intense heat while keeping the temperature even. Measuring 13.5″ x 9.3″, this cookie sheet can be used to bake cookies and pastries without the need for a spatula to transfer its contents. Create mouthwatering baked products using the best baking sheet in the market.

Aluminized steel aims to grab the best qualities of these two materials: the malleability and thermal conduction of aluminum and the heat-resistance and durability of steel. The two handles are placed with galvanized wire rods that serve as reinforcement against warping. This strong bakeware can be used in temperatures up to 450°F (232°C) without cracking and popping.

Aluminum is a malleable, rust-proof material. As a metal, it can diffuse heat evenly while preventing the food from excess browning. Steel core products are known to provide the durability and strength—essential for baking. Combined, the two produce an aluminized steel with the resistance of aluminum and strength of steel.

This baking sheet is ideal for creating sweet desserts like chocolate bars, fruit jelly rolls, red velvet cookies. It can also cook savory dishes like roasted vegetables and crispy potato shoestrings. You may also reheat your food by placing it inside the cookie sheet.

To use, place your dough within the professional baking sheet. Additional liners and grease may be placed according to the recipe. This material is not safe to use on broilers since direct heat may burn the material. Sharp-edged utensils like knives and blades should not be used on the cookie sheet’s surface to prevent the nonstick coating from shedding on the bakeware. 

Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Cookie Sheet

Nordic Ware provides excellent-quality bakeware and cookware within and outside Minneapolis. Nordic Ware has established their company through innovation and kitchen equipment expertise, known for specializing in their utensils while attaching their Scandinavian ethnicity. For three generations, this manufacture had continued to give their signature output: efficiency, durability, and accessibility.

Create textbook cookies, pastries, and pizzas with their aluminum cookie sheet. Made with natural aluminum, this cookie sheet assures to provide the needed vessel for the baking needs. This cookie sheet has good thermal conduction, which helps the food cook well while keeping a constant temperature.

Besides being a heat conductor, aluminum is a rust-proof material that makes it safe for food consumption. Make your baked good rise and bake to perfection through the help of aluminum’s good thermal control. Natural aluminum provides better quality than commercialized aluminum (aluminum mixed with other metals).

Engineered to have a sleek and flat surface, the overall construction of this cookie sheet helps create the necessary space for cookies to lay perfectly, which later on can be removed instantly—thanks to the no-side sheet. Glide your baked product with ease through the help of the nonstick coating. Own a staple item in the kitchen that will ensure to produce baked products on their optimal quality.

Nordic Ware cookie sheet can only be washed by hand. Before using, the cookie sheet must be wash with warm water. You may season the pan with vegetable shortening to improve its nonstick properties. Do not use abrasive chemicals and scouring pads that can damage the bakeware in the process.

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