Is Baking Sheet/Pan Dishwasher Safe?

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As bakeware, baking sheet provides a spot where the food doesn’t have to land directly on the oven. The baking sheet can be greased and used separately or combined with baking paper or silicone pads to improve insulation. Unlike cookie sheets, baking sheets have rounded, rolled edges that are useful when catching liquids and juices from the liquid. It will also serve as a handle to quickly grab the sheet after cooking.

While some baking sheets are marketed as dishwasher safe, manufacturers still recommend people to handwash their baking sheets. The heat and detergents used in a dishwasher could quickly melt the baking sheet—making it vulnerable to blackening and warping into twisted metal.

Can You Wash Baking Sheets by Dishwasher?

Baking sheets can be used for baking—both sweet and savory treats. Juices, sugars, and liquids may dry up during the cooking process, leaving a sticky to dry substance on your metal sheet. This is hard to clean, knowing that excessive brushing of baking sheets will ruin it.

Over time, a lot of manufacturers market dishwasher-safe baking sheets. This might solve the hard-cleaning task—only if the manufacturers will only return what they’ve started and recommend handwashing the baking sheets again.

Baking sheets are commonly made with aluminum, a sturdy metal that could withstand high heat. Acidic foods (like tomatoes) can discolor aluminum and absorb the metallic taste. The same concept flows when baking sheets are placed inside the dishwasher. Harsh chemicals and acids found in dishwashing detergent could strip off the exterior coating, making it prone to oxidation.

Oxidation is not limited to some fruits and vegetables; it could also happen on metals. When an item is exposed to oxygen, it comes into contact with the other components, releasing a brown-black color. Fruits and vegetables change their color to brown when exposed to oxygen, while metals turn black.

Dishwashing products have high alkaline content, which can also leave white spots on the baking dish. The heat from the washing and drying cycle of the dishwasher can cause pitting and corrosion. To prevent this from happening, handwash your baking sheets.

How Do You Wash a Baking Sheet?

Before cleaning your dish, make sure to cool it down before cleaning. Despite the heated baking sheet will instantly strip off the dirt when drenched in water, it might pop or warp due to thermal shock. Cooling your dish will condition your baking dish to change temperature.

Use mild dish soap to remove the dirt, along with warm water. Do not use a metal scrub to prevent the sheet from scratches. If the dirt is stuck than usual, soak the pan with warm, soapy water. You may also include baking soda to remove the dirt further.

After soaking, scrape off the burnt liquid with a plastic spatula. This will prevent any scratches from your baking sheet. If you accidentally used your baking sheet on a dishwasher, it may leave discoloration marks and spots. To remove this, create a paste out of cream of tartar and water. Spread it evenly until the discoloration is removed. Air-dry your baking sheet by placing it on a drying rack.

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