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Amazon can be confusing if you are looking for something as ordinary as a pillow. We’re here to make the selection process just a tad easier. If you want to land the perfect best pillow possible, take a look at our lineup of consumer reviews of some popular pillow types of Amazon.

Isotonic Indulgence Pillow

Indulgence pillows are extra big and extra comfy – which is why they are advertised as “hotel collection pillows.” Back sleepers will benefit from indulgence pillows from SORMAG. These pillows are manufactured with Egyptian cotton and use high-quality gel fibers for a much softer feel. Indulgence pillows, for all their comfort, are highly ergonomic. Some are designed for back sleepers, while others are for chest sleepers or those whose cheeks touch the bed when sleeping.

SORMAG indulgence pillows are highly recommended because they are large, comfortable, and super soft. Customers are also satisfied with the customer service. Other reviews point that they don’t lose their shape easily, either, even after a week of heavy use.

Throw Pillows

If you have been looking for T.J.Maxx pillows or throw pillows, we recommend throw pillows from the Cheer Collection. These fancy, faux fur decorative couch pillows that come in chocolate measure 18″ x 18″ and are the perfect addition to any living room or bedroom. They are covered with faux fur for that extra touch of elegancy. The pillows are filled with fiber for the extra softness and bounce that people simply love. The design provides an easy accent to armchairs, sofas, and beds. They also come in many other colors. If your main mission is to land a rich set of throw pillows, go for the Cheer collection.

Customer reviews reveal that they are fabulous and delivered quickly to residences, and they come in sets of four. According to one review, the white ones are more of a cream color, but they are worth the price. Customers also praised the pillows’ packaging as they were tough and outstanding, and the manufacturer took the time to ensure that the pillows arrive safely to their destinations.

CONAJU throw pillows are also a good choice for people who want heart-shaped throw pillows. It’s a perfect pillow for gifting, and it comes from the unique Giving Collection that features truly unique and cute pillows for your home and gifting.  

Customer reviews are promising. One customer said that she was a post-operative patient and was in some pain, and the CONAJU throw pillows helped her sleep. The faux fur gave extra comforting softness to the pillows. Customers say that the fur felt “chinchilla soft,” which is again promising because most faux fur pillows don’t approach that level of softness.

There are also additional reviews of people gifting the people who were sad or grieving.

Cuddledown Pillow Review

Cuddledown pillows from Cuddledown King are popular on the marketplace because they are premium pillows made of 100% cotton. They have a luxury sateen feel that you cannot find easily in other brands. Cuddledown pillows are all made in the USA. They are filled with hypoallergenic goose down at 700 fill power.

The goose down is washed four times before being dried and loaded to the pillows for the most hypoallergenic experience ever. The combed cotton covers have a three-hundred thread count and are also highly durable. The fabric is also Oeko-Tex certified, which means it is free from one hundred commonly found harmful substances and compounds. This is one of the safest pillows that you can ever buy for your bedroom.

As of this writing, the customers who have invested in their Cuddledown pillows say that the pillows are very soft, which might not be ideal for people who might need cervical and lumbar support if they’re going to put the pillows around their lower back. Goose down is known for being soft, which may translate to a slight lack of support for people who are generally on the heavy side. On the other hand, if you are interested in a pillow that will always provide soft comfort, Cuddledown pillows are ideal.

Understanding Different Pillow Types

Selecting the right pillow for your bed is a good way to ensure quality sleep every night. Not all pillows are equal, and differences in design and materials will impact how comfortable you are at night. Down pillows are the lightest and softest among them all, and they also provide less support for the cervical area.

People who need additional support for the cervical area should select firmer pillows. However, if you don’t need that additional support and are after softness, pick pillows filled with feathers from ducks or geese. Take note that pillows labeled with goose down may not always be truly 100% filled with goose down. Duck feathers are also normally used for filling down pillows.

Do down pillows produce allergies? Yes. But these allergies are few and far between. If you are allergic to any kind of avian feather, don’t get down pillows, get something with cotton or gel fibers instead.

What’s fill power got to do with it?

You will see “fill power” listed in many pillows online. But what exactly is it? The main rule is that the higher the value assigned to the fill power, the more durable and long-lasting the pillow. Pillows that have a fill value or power of 600 and above are generally recommended. The ones marked with 800 fill power are durable, but you must adjust your expectations as they will not last for a decade. They might last a year or longer than other pillows with a lower fill power value.

What about wool pillows?

The benefit of picking wool pillows is they will resist mold and other allergens longer than other kinds of pillows. They are hypoallergenic as well, and dust mites barely survive in them. Wool pillows are also excellent for keeping your head dry while you sleep, as natural wicking happens every time moisture touches the wool.

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