How to Choose the Right Fencing for Your Home

by iupilon

You’re planning to build a fence, and there are several reasons why you might be doing so. You may be surprised and somewhat bewildered by the wide range of fencing products available. What’s the correct type of fence for you? Let’s play with some ideas to help you make the right choice.

Could a Vinyl Fence Be Just the Thing?

Vinyl fencing is a tough and durable option to consider. Many of us will have thought that wood and wire were our only options, but a Hawaii fencing company offers us a peep at the options available to those who choose this material. From mesh fencing to picket fences or even privacy fencing, you might find this material the ideal option, especially if you deal with strong sunshine, rain, salt winds, and humidity. It’s fully recyclable, so although it’s synthetic, it’s also “green.” You do however need to consider how it will withstand pressure washing, as some vinyl fencing could peel under the pressure.

Wooden Fencing as per Tradition

For as long as people have been building fences, they’ve used wood to get the job done. Wood has advantages, particularly aesthetic ones, but it comes with a few downsides to be aware of. Even treated wood rots over time, and wooden fences will require maintenance to keep them looking good. If you’re happy with refreshing paint or other coatings every few years, and don’t mind the need to replace stretches of the fence when the elements take their toll, wooden fencing could suit you well. Choose treated cedar for its insect resistance and overall durability.

Wire Fencing for Affordability

Wire fencing may not be as aesthetically pleasing as our other options so far, but it is affordable, easy to install, and relatively durable. Use climbing plants and shrubs to soften the rather harsh appearance of a wire fence and to give you a degree of privacy. Wire fencing is not chosen for prettiness, but for practicality, so hiding it will be part of the job you’re taking on. However, if you’re looking to cordon off your yard, keep pets in, and keep passing dogs out, the wire can do the trick very nicely.

Concrete Fences for Permanence

Prefabricated concrete fencing panels present an unmistakable boundary. There are even variations with pretensions towards good looks. On the whole, however, they do tend to look a little grim. Nevertheless, they do provide privacy and are generally more durable than wooden fencing. On the other hand, they’re also more expensive than wood or wire, so be sure you’ll be satisfied with the results before you commit.

Living Fences for the Longer Term

Planting a hedge is always an option, however, they do take time to grow up, take up space, will require pruning, and a determined person or animal will often still be able to squeeze through. As green options go, you don’t get a greener one, but consider combining a hedge with some other type of fence for quicker results.

Always Keep Your Goals in Mind

Apart from aesthetics and durability, the main factor to keep in mind when choosing a fence is the reason why you’re putting one up. You may want to keep your pets safely in your yard, stop kids from straying onto the street, keep out intruders, or block the view into your yard from prying eyes. The function of your fence determines its form to a large extent, so keep your goal in sight when choosing one.

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