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Discovering the best area rugs for the kitchen is tantamount if you want to get more out of your favorite space in the house. You must be careful in selecting the right kind of rug because kitchen rugs or area rugs work best in heavy traffic areas in the house. Stick around for our breakdown of the best kitchen rugs in tow.

COSY HOMEER Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Rug Mat

Kitchen area rugs should ideally be all anti-fatigue, and this is what you get with the COSY HOMEER brand of rugs. They’ve made it a point to make their PVC rugs anti-slip, and even more durable than standard kitchen rugs available in the market. We like the fact that they’ve added a stable and thick rubber bottom for this rug. The extra-thick backing also increases the friction between the floor and the surface of the backing.

The extra friction is perfect for keeping the rug in place. Anti-slip kitchen rugs are ideal because they reduce the chances of accidents in a space commonly afflicted by spills. Worry no more about suddenly slipping because the floor is wet with water or oil – your kitchen rug will be working hard to prevent that from happening.

This anti-fatigue rug is twice as durable as its non-fatigue resistant counterparts.  The rug will not break down even in a high foot traffic area like the kitchen. Other rugs will easily break apart from continuous foot traffic, but this one is designed to withstand that.

Be confident as you use one or two of this in a single high foot traffic area – they will last far longer than you think. Despite their durability, they remain lightweight and easy to handle, especially during maintenance and cleaning. We recommend light vacuuming every few days. In the long term, kitchen area rugs like this one will save you money because you won’t have to buy new rugs again. 

Another thing that we love about the COSY HOMEER rug is that it is stain-resistant. Spills and stains are very common in the kitchen, and without a good rug, these can easily seep to the floor and ruin wooden panels and any other flooring material. Preventing seepage is much easier than trying to fix stains later on – get the right kind of rug!

USTIDE Black & White Buffalo Checkered Plaid Kitchen Rug

This black and white rug is a real throwback to the seventies and eighties, and we’re sure that people who love vintage rugs will also like it. USTIDE has made it a point to manufacture their rugs in different sizes. Kitchens and hallways come in so many shapes and sizes, so it’s best to measure the space before buying a new rug. The standard rug measures 23.6″ x 70″, but you can move up to a much large 67″ x 90″ rug if you want to.

The current USTIDE line of rugs comes in black and white, blue and white, coffee and white, and gray and white. If you like checkered patterns or minimalist designs, you will love this rug. And unlike other rugs in the market, this rug is highly absorbent because it was manufactured with cotton and polyester.

The manufacturer also integrated some viscose, and they reinforced the edges of the rug for superior durability. The classic patterning is ideal for most indoor spaces, and you can’t go wrong with checkered print because it is a timeless design.

This rug has consistently pleased customers, garnering a 5-star rating for the quality of the material, a 4.8-star rating for the value for money, a 4.7-star rating for durability, and a 4.6-star rating for its ease of cleaning. All in all, we believe it’s an ideal area rug for small to medium-sized homes, and you can probably combine a few pieces to cover an entire space if you want to.

Carvapet 2 Pieces Moroccan Trellis Non-Slip Soft Kitchen Rug

One of the key issues people encounter when buying rugs is that not all are properly absorbent. In the kitchen, high absorbency is important to prevent staining of the floor, especially if it is made of wood or composite materials. Even PVC floor panels can be stained, and it will be a pain in the neck to work on some stains.

Luckily, the Carvapet Non-Slip Soft Kitchen Rug is in a league of its own when it comes to absorbency. Absorbency is its main advantage. All spills are absorbed quickly, and the affected spot dries up fast, making the rug less of a pain to clean later. If you want a rug that keeps your bathroom or kitchen fresher, go for this rug. The best kind of rug for the kitchen is to absorb moisture and keep it away from your feet quickly. This is a multi-use rug. You can easily install it in different areas of the house. And yes, it was also designed to withstand heavy foot traffic. Good area rugs should be built this way, because people are going to step on rugs frequently, either to stay warm or to preserve the main flooring material.

Gray Kitchen Runner

This Gray Kitchen Runner may be last on our list but is not last in terms of quality. This is one of the few kitchen area rugs we found that had the look and feel of a shag rug. Shag rugs are usually located in living rooms and bedrooms. Who would have thought that it would look this cool in the kitchen, too? According to the manufacturer, this shag rug, despite its appearance, is highly absorbent and will naturally fight molds and mildew. It is also super soft and cushioning on the feet, but has a stable and durable backing that creates better friction between the floor and the rug.

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