How to Uncork a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew: The Best and Easiest Way?

by iupilon

It’s true! You can learn how to uncork a wine bottle without a corkscrew and open a wine bottle even if you forgot the most important tool.

How to Open Wine Without Corkscrew?

There are several methods to remove the cork from any bottle. Take note that it takes a certain amount of skill to pull these alternative methods off, so you must be very careful because bottles are fragile, and you might hurt yourself.

  • Knife – The tip of knives can penetrate corks, but since they cannot twist easily into the wood, there may be issues with getting it to the depth you need to twist off the cork. Gently tap the knife into a depth of at least one inch. Once you have tipped in the cork, gently screw the knife outward while pulling the cork up until it is freed from the bottle.
  • Spoon – If you have a relatively new bottle of wine, this method shouldn’t cause problems. Press the tip of the spoon’s handle into the cork and push gently, as if you were screwing the cork into place. This may require a bit of strength as the wine’s gases will be pushing up against the cork. What you need to do is to keep pushing the cork downward until it drops into the wine. Keep in mind that older bottles will have older corks that may crumble.
  • Pump – Insert a long pin into the cork until you penetrate to the other side. Pump air into space until the cork finally pops out.

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