How to Cool a Cake Quickly: Can I Use Fridge?

by iupilon

How to Cool a Cake?

The basic method of cooling down a cake is simply placing the warm cake on the counter. The room temperature will take care of the extra heat naturally. Just make sure that you loosen the cake from the baking tray or pan and place it on another tray so all the sides of the cake can equally and properly dissipate the heat.

A cooling rack is always helpful, and you can expect your cake to be completely cool (or at least cool enough) in ten to twenty minutes. The denser the cake, the longer the cooling periods, so be sure to estimate the time you need before baking a cake.

How to Cool a Cake Quickly?

The fastest way to cool a cake is in the fridge. After leaving your cake on the counter for a bit to reduce the general heat, you can pop it in your fridge for ten minutes. Ten minutes will not be sufficient to dry out the cake. Just keep in mind the following reminders:

  • If you baked an angel cake or a sponge cake, cool the cake upside down. This will prevent your sponge or angel cake from collapsing as the cake’s expanded molecules begin to cool down and contract.
    This is one of the risks of using a fast cooling method – if you are not familiar with how the cake will react to fluctuations in the temperature, you may end up with a suddenly collapsed cake.
  • If you need to cool down a pound cake, remove it from the pan first before cooling it down. Cooling a pound cake on a baking try can cause some condensation, which could damage the cake. A wire rack is much more effective for cooling down pound cakes.

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