Can Yogurt Help with Constipation?

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What Is the Best Yogurt for Constipation?

There is a huge misconception that yogurt is one of the primary causes of constipation when the opposite is true – that it is a natural remedy for constipation. It would help if you weren’t wary of it. There is some confusion when using dairy in remedying both constipation and diarrhea. Dairy products (the regular ones) are likely to cause constipation because of their lactose. Furthermore, these dairy products lack a critical component present in many yogurt brands – probiotics.

The best type of yogurt for people who suffer from constipation is Greek yogurt that has live lactobacillus. Read the label of the yogurt you are buying and make sure that there are live bacteria. This is probiotic yogurt, and it will help make your stools move more easily.

Probiotics include food like yogurt, sauerkraut, and other fermented foods packed with beneficial and life-giving good bacteria. Studies have shown that probiotics are beneficial to people who have constipation.

One study that involved numerous adult women showed that the regular consumption of fermented dairy products in the form of yogurt with beneficial bacteria could reduce the severity of constipation symptoms and the period that a person feels constipated.

Furthermore, the subjects who regularly consumed yogurt were better able to move their stools with less pain and inflammation.

This is certainly welcome news to individuals who frequently suffer from constipation in their lives. Another double-blind controlled trial showed that pregnant women also benefited from probiotics. There was a definite increase in bowels’ evacuation, and incomplete evacuation of bowel movement was greatly reduced in all the groups in the study.

Why and How Yogurt Help with Constipation?

Yogurt helps with constipation by helping restore the normal bacterial flora in the intestines. Furthermore, yogurt helps improve bowel movement, and it increases gastric health in the long term, so long as the person who suffers from constipation can consume yogurt regularly.

Yogurt continues replenishing the body’s supply of good bacteria, which helps return everything to normal. In one study that involved children that are five to fifteen years of age, it was found that probiotics can also help improve bowel movement in children. This is a worthy highlight because food supplementation often varies across different ages, and it is good to know that children can benefit from regularly eating yogurt.

Another awesome thing about yogurt is that it decreases the pain and inflammation associated with constipation.

Everyone is aware of this type of pain, and it can stretch on for days if left untreated. Luckily, yogurt appears to be an excellent natural remedy for constipation that everyone should try if they want to speed up the recovery and improve their bowel movement quickly.  


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