Can Noodle Kugel Be Frozen?

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Noodle kugel is a Jewish dish usually cooked as a casserole or baked as a pudding. The most common ingredients for noodle kugel are egg noodles, so it’s very nutritious and naturally high in protein. The noodle kugel is typically served during the Shabbat and other holidays of the Jewish people. Despite having egg noodles, it is considered a dessert, and the Roma gypsies enjoy the dish.

How Do You Store Noodle Kugel?

Noodle kugel can be the highlight of the Passover, and as such, large quantities of kugel are usually prepared for the family. Storage can be tricky sometimes. Follow these guidelines, so your kugel stays fresher and longer.

Kugel can be refrigerated. If you are making noodle kugel ahead, make sure that the casserole cools down properly before putting it in the refrigerator. Like any other casserole, it will provide the best experience to tasters if you can serve it a few days after the kugel has been refrigerated.

In our estimation, three days already hit the sweet spot, though you can probably keep it in the refrigerator for 30 days if you want to.

However, do keep in mind that, like other food items, noodle kugel will not be in top shape after that period. If you want the ideal period for refrigeration, that would be three to seven days, tops.

The reason for this is that after a week, casseroles tend to get watery, or if they are exposed to the chill of the refrigerator, they can dry out. Another issue here is how much cooling your refrigerator can provide in the first place.

How Long Does Kugel Last in the Fridge?

Kugel stores well. If your refrigerator is working fine, you can store your kugel for a month if you want. However, as we have discussed earlier, it’s essential to serve kugel in its peak form, so if possible, cook ahead and store it only for a maximum of a week. If you need to cook a large batch because you are expecting company and do not have the time or opportunity to cook some tasty noodle kugel before the celebration, what you can do is freeze your noodle kugel.

Noodle kugel will last for months in the freezer, and deep-freeze chests are best for larger quantities of food. This being said, you won’t have any issues with sweating or any textural issues when you defrost the kugel for a meal. Keep in mind that kugel can be served either warm or cold, depending on your family’s tradition. Some like it hard because it is a dessert, while others are more likely to be friendly because of its casserole origin. Either way, you’re going to have a good time with your noodle kugel because it permanently stores very well. Our recommendation would be to keep it in a covered container or vacuum seal it if at all possible to get the best possible results.

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