Can Hand Blender Be Used in Hot Soup?

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An immersion blender is kitchen equipment used to blend sauces, soups, and solid ingredients into finer and smoother liquids. This blender can be used directly where the action is needed, and in the process, you get a smoother and more consistent blend minus the headaches.

Compared to a regular blender, a hand blender can be used directly into the stove without transferring the soup from its pot down to the blending mechanism. Since the hand blender’s blades are more compact than the blades used in tabletop blenders, handheld blenders produce a finer consistency worthy of any great recipe.

Can Hand Blender Be Used in Hot Soup?

The quick resolution to this question is yes, a hand blender can be used directly in hot soup—the uncertainty of how hot the hand blender handle relies on the equipment itself. A hand blender can be valuable equipment in creating large batches of soups or any food that requires pureeing the food.

A hand blender can be such reliable equipment in turning your hard-to-chew solids into savory-sweet soups. Instead of dealing with the messy transition of placing your hot soup inside a regular blender, you can use a hand blender instead. However, the food being blend should be only hot but not boiling.

How Do You Use a Stick Blender for Soup?

Pureed food involves the process of turning food solids into something smoother and almost liquid-like consistency. Before the food boils rapidly, place your hand blender on the solid food and blend it until you reach the desired consistency. This process can be done with these easy steps:

  • Place the stick blender down into the soup you want to turn into a puree.
  • Gently squeeze the trigger to pulse the soup.
  • You may also hold it longer until you reach the desired texture.
  • Move the pot or bowl to make sure that the stick blender blends everything.

After using, please turn off the stick blender before lifting it away from the pureed soup. If turned on while lifting, the hot soup may splatter everywhere, which can burn you—or leave a mess to your countertop.

Hand Blender Can Be Used For

Aside from creating the best pureed hot soup, a hand blender can work into the kitchen’s different aspects. Purchasing a hand blender is a worthy investment since it provides a compact version of the stand blender—while still having the same strength to grind and blend food to a certain degree. They also cost less and can be cleaned easier.

A hand blender can be used for the following methods:

  • Creating morning fruit smoothies
  • Blending tasty milkshakes
  • Beating eggs to perfection
  • Building your hummus in scratch
  • Pureeing homemade baby food
  • Blending pancake batter in ease
  • Whipping your homemade mayonnaise
  • Creating the best-whipped cream
  • Grinding pesto sauce, tomato sauce, and other pasta sauces
  • Blending the best homemade salad dressing

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