6 oz Salmon Calories and The Nutrition

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How Many Calories in 6 Oz Salmon?

Are you thinking of 6 oz salmon calories? If you are a big fan of Alaskan wild salmon or supermarket salmon, you’re still in the green in terms of nutrition because salmon is one of the healthiest protein sources around.

If you’re grilling your salmon and each serving is just 6 oz., you will be consuming just 270 calories. There are no carbohydrates, but there are 13 grams of fat and 32 grams of protein. As you can see, it’s easy to get your protein for the day with a single serving of salmon. Suppose you are on a 2500 calorie diet, a 6 oz. Serving of salmon will provide 52% of your RDA for protein.

Farmed salmon provides about 311 calories per six-ounce serving because it has a higher fat content. Wild salmon tend to swim more and cover vast distances, so they’re leaner and provide more protein than fish fat. If you want fewer calories, you can buy Chinook salmon, which provides 11 calories less energy than farmed salmon at 300 calories per six-ounce serving.

The salmon types that provide the lowest caloric loads are the Humpy or Pink salmon and the Keta or Chum salmon. Pink salmon provide 197 calories per six ounces, while Chum salmon gives 204 calories of energy. The different salmon types provide almost equal dietary protein per serving, with the Coho or silver salmon leading with 36.8 grams of protein per serving.

According to experts, the best-tasting salmon are the wild-caught ones. Check for “wild,” and you’re getting a better cooking experience.

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