5 Best Salad Spinners 2022

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No modern kitchen should ever be without a dependable salad spinner. While the classic tossing method works, more complex salads would taste better when the dressing has been well-integrated. This is where mechanical salad spinners come into the picture.

We have rounded up five great salad spinners that will make salad-making a breeze. If you have been looking for the best salad spinner like the classic Kitchen Aid salad spinners to complete your kitchen this year, we will have what you need. Other salad spinners reviews are outdated – these are the best salad spinners for 2022 and beyond.

Ikea Salad Spinner

Ikea is known for its practical and minimalistic designs ever since, and it has applied the same principle to its take on the classic salad spinner. Ikea’s version on the salad is a no muss, no fuss bowl with a basic handle, and a durable cream/white cover. The salad spinner is easy to operate, and the bowl can also be used for serving the salad once you are done preparing your salad. Customer reviews reveal that indeed, Ikea has succeeded with this product because many of the users have been using theirs for more than a year, and they’re still working well. One review stated that the spinning motion remains strong and viable after months of use, and you only need four to five spins to finish one cycle. This is a good deal for us because some salad spinners need more elbow grease to work correctly. Definitely on top of our rundown for the classic salad spinner that is effective and durable.

Andcolors Deluxe Salad Spinner

The Andcolor Deluxe Salad Spinner features an improved design that makes it easier for the user to create fresh salads with minimal effort and strain. This salad spinner has a sleek shape, and the spinning mechanism is ergonomic mainly. The lid stays on securely no matter how hard you go at the salad, and the locking tabs prevent the lid and the contents of the bowl from flying off accidentally. There is also a pouring hole with a nice cap so you can quickly drain the spinner’s contents without making any mess on the countertop. This salad spinner has been manufactured from the best BPA-free plastic, so your food is safe. It is also super durable and can be put in the dishwasher without any risk of damage, no matter how long you keep the device. The plastic components inside are also designed to withstand high spinning cycles, and neither the handle more the internal mechanism will break during operation.

Cuisinart Salad Spinner

Cuisinart is a well-known brand for kitchenware and tools, so we naturally had to look if they take on the classic salad spinner that was worth the money. Cuisinart’s take is also mostly ergonomic. You can use this spinner to wash vegetables, dry vegetables, and spin them in the final preparation. There is adequate space in the bowl for a moderate amount of ingredients. You can also add or remove water easily with the hatch they’ve added to the top of the sturdy cover. Easy access is essential when you are preparing the salad, and it’s just a significant improvement when you don’t have to obliterate the cover when making a salad. This salad spinner has a three-quart capacity, and the beautiful clear base can be used for serving salads later on. Reduce the work needed for prepping salads with this great, ergonomic salad spinner.

Brieftons Salad Spinner

If you need a larger-capacity salad spinner that uses a one-hand pumping mechanism, this would be the ideal device. With its hefty 6.2-quart bowl, you can prepare massive quantities of salad with little effort. Use the spinner’s high-speed force to prepare a salad with fruits, vegetables, spinach, lettuce, and herbs. You can prepare salads more quickly, and this reduces the time needed to get the salad to your serving plate. The manufacturer has also crafted a nonslip knob that can be pushed down locked to reduce the storage space needed for the spinner. The broad base is also excellent for stabilizing the bowl during the spinning process. The built-in colander can quickly drain the salad, so it will be easier to transfer to a plate. You can also easily use the salad spinner for drying and washing vegetables beforehand. Make sure that you clean the spinner before the final preparation, so it’s super clean.

Lougnee Premium 5-Quart Salad Spinner

If you are looking for a simpler salad spinner with a basic design that still works efficiently, we think you’ll love the Lougnee Premium 5-quart salad spinner. The mechanism is necessary, but it has an ergonomic, nonslip handle that you can quickly spin and dry vegetables. Like the other salad spinners, we’ve reviewed, you can also use it to wash veggies and then dry them afterward. The cover doesn’t have its sealable tap for draining and adding water, but the spinner does make up for its incapacity. Many salad spinners are either 4 or 4.5 quarts, but this is a full 5-quart bowl, making it a stand-out in our countdown.

Salad Spinner Cleaning Tips

Salad spinners can have a fair amount of debris in them after use. The easiest way to dislodge the loose leaves and other debris is by adding a large amount of water in the salad spinner and washing it. The centrifugal force is going to remove the debris quickly, and you can drain and do another cycle to take care of the rest of the remaining leaves. You can also use warm water and a few drops of dish soap to give the salad spinner a good, deep cleaning. Just make sure that you rinse everything properly with warm water. We recommend manually removing any remaining bits and pieces inside before putting the salad spinner in the dishwasher.

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