3 Best Rugs for Grand Piano

by iupilon

It’s no secret that having proper carpeting in a room where a grand piano lives are critical for making the instruments sound better. This may surprise you, given that they expect grand pianos to say the same wherever you put the instrument.

However, acoustic consultants and musicians will tell you that the sound absorption capacities of a room play a role in maintaining the sound balance. If you don’t want your grand piano to sound muddy or harsh while playing it, then your option is at least one area rug in the piano room.

The good news here is you can buy several area rugs depending on the design of the room and the sound quality that you want in the first place. So here are there of the best ones for supporting a grand piano in a music room, at home, or wherever it may be.

PB Rugs Old Hand Made Abbey Floral Woolen Area Rug

This 5’x’8′ floral woolen area rug features a solid, concentric design characteristic of classic Persian rugs. In terms of appearance and look, it’s a good fit for a traditional music room, and the rug’s color scheme complements warm wood tones and related color tones for indoor spaces.

PB Rugs offers a variety of sizes to suit the buyer’s needs, from 2.6’x9′ runner-type rugs to larger 9’x12′ area rugs suitable for covering a large area in the music room. This beige area rug is ideal for allergies, as wool is not considered an allergen. If anyone in the home is allergic to other rug types, go for wool. However, do note that all area rugs will eventually capture large amounts of the allergen from foot traffic and the air, so if you don’t maintain your area rugs, they can subsequently trigger allergies. The following features make this PB Rug a good option:

  • It has a 100% cotton backing that’s adhered to the central pile with natural latex adhesive.
  • PB Rugs uses a 100% New Zealand wool blend for the rug’s pile.

This indoor area rug will take on moisture if you put it outside, so be careful when switching indoor rugs out as they are not made for the outdoors. Furthermore, this rug is handmade and manually tufted and requires a rubber pad if you wish to prolong the life of the backing and the pile. Finally, this is a Persian rug that has been washed for added softness, and the wool has also been dyed for added color vibrancy. If you need an area rug that’s 100% made of wool, go for PB Rugs.  

nuLOOM Jute Area Rug

Are you a fan of the rustic aesthetic?

With a no-nonsense approach, a genuine rustic aesthetic is all about showcasing the beauty of subdued hues and natural materials (think wood beams or touches of stone and clay). You can use this design approach in any house room, whether it’s a bathroom or a living room. It’s also a good idea to utilize exposed beams, bricks, wooden flooring, and original wooden framing. Keep in mind that you can have the rustic aesthetic at home without spending much money.

You can quickly get rustic at home by investing in an area rug like the one we’re reviewing from nuLOOM. nuLOOM mats are made in India, and they have been in the rug manufacturing business for years. As a result, the quality of their rugs is consistent, and the pricing isn’t bad, either.

The Rigo Handwoven Jute Rug has all the makings of a farmhouse rug, but it retains the modernity and elegance that you can expect from a good brand of mats. This rug measures 8’x10′ and comes in multiple squares, runner, round, oval, and rectangular shapes. If you haven’t heard of it yet, no, area rugs don’t necessarily have to be rectangular or square.

Manufacturers have long accepted custom orders for rugs that are of different shapes. This rug is off-white, so it’s a good pick for rooms of a slightly darker color. The contrast will be good for a music room, especially if you place the grand piano on the area rug. In addition, carpets are used to accent and emphasize spots within a room, which is precisely what this jute area rug will do after installation.

Here’s what we love about this nuLOOM rug:

  • It doesn’t obstruct doorways because it has a moderate pile height.
  • The jute’s natural fibers are a pleasure to look at, and they’re comfortable to the skin.
  • This jute rug is handcrafted, meaning the rug is an artisan area rug – very posh, indeed!
  • The rug is 100% made of jute fiber, which makes the rug entirely eco-friendly compared to rugs made from synthetic fiber.

Artistic Weavers Chester Boho Moroccan Area Rug

One word comes to mind immediately when we see this Boho Moroccan area rug from Artistic Weavers – it’s very chic! Of course, being stylish and looking the part of a classic Moroccan rug is a tall order, but that is precisely what Artistic Weavers accomplished with the Chester Boho Moroccan area rug. The fine texturing that they did is a good decision, and their choice two use only two colors tones in this rug make the fineness of the design stand out more.

This grey rug is made of polypropylene, which is a good choice if you suffer from a jute allergy. Polypropylene has long been recommended for people with rug allergies because they’re easier to clean and won’t wear down quickly when using rug cleaners and water. Perhaps the only downside is that they’re hard to recycle, and since area rugs are huge, that’s the amount of polypropylene you are bringing into the environment.

Beyond environmental concerns, this machine woven area rug is still a darned good choice, and we recommend buying several rugs if your music room is pretty significant. But, again, we think using a more symmetrical design is a good choice for a music room.

The main picture is from Amazon – PB Rugs. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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