Keep Your City Plumbing Healthy with Rid-X’s Natural Enzymes and Bacteria

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Rid-X is a household name when it comes to septic tank cleaners. The product contains naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes that help break down solid waste inside the septic tank and pipes, making it an ideal solution for homeowners. It is available in three different forms: powder, Septi-Pac, and liquid. The application procedure is the same for all forms of Rid-X, and the instructions are mentioned on the packaging.

While Rid-X is primarily designed for septic systems, it can also be used in city plumbing. The product is completely safe for pipes and plumbing fixtures due to its organic composition. It helps to break down the solid waste, thereby preventing clogging and keeping the plumbing system healthy. Although Rid-X works in city plumbing, it may not be as effective as it is in a septic system since the water and Rid-X will drain away quickly because of the direct connection to the city’s drainage system.

If Rid-X is unavailable, there are alternative solutions that homeowners can use to keep their plumbing systems healthy. These include natural alternatives like baking soda, vinegar, and lemon, or chemical-based cleaners that use Sodium bicarbonate as the active agent. However, it’s best to avoid chemical septic tank cleaners as they can be harsh on the pipes and lead to corrosion in the long run.

What is Rid-X and How Does it Benefit Your Plumbing System?

Rid-X contains naturally formed enzymes and bacteria. It aims to break down any solids inside the pipes, like grease, toilet paper, and waste. It is available in 3 different forms that are:

  • Powder
  • Septi-Pac
  • Liquid

Similar procedures need to be followed for each of these. The basic method is to add it to the toilet and flush it. Thereby it will go into the pipes and the septic tank. The exact instructions are mentioned on the pack. 

Keep Your Plumbing Healthy with Rid-X’s Natural Enzymes and Bacteria

Rid-X is designed for houses that don’t have access to the city sewer system. Such homes use a septic tank, slowly draining the water into the septic field.

Due to the slow drainage of water, there can be clogging of solid waste in the pipes resulting in complete blockage.

Rid-X can break down such solids because of bacteria and enzymes present in it. It also reduces the amount of sludge in the tank resulting in faster drainage. Thus, preventing solid waste buildup.

Can You Use Rid-X In City Plumbing?

Yes, Rid-X can be used in city plumbing. It will break down solid waste stuck inside the pipes. Because of its organic composition, Rid-X is suitable for plumbing systems. Using Rid-X regularly will prevent clogging of plumbing fixtures. The plumbing system will work as expected rather than getting clogged. 

Is Rid-X Safe for Pipes?

Yes, Rid-X doesn’t cause any harm to pipes or any plumbing fixtures because of its natural composition. It only decomposes or breaks down organic matter and other waste.

How To Use Rid-X In City Plumbing?

While Rid-X can be used in city plumbing, the water and Rid-X will drain away fast due to a direct connection with the city’s drainage system. The quick drainage will reduce the effectiveness of Rid-X.

The procedure to use Rid-X is simple. Add it to the toilet and flush it. However, if the bathroom is connected to the city’s plumbing system, pour little water instead of flushing it entirely. That way, some Rid-X will be retained in the pipes, breaking down the solids. 

Rid-X takes time to work. If the bacteria and enzymes are flushed right out of the pipes, they won’t be able to break down the solids stuck on the pipe’s interior walls. Pouring little water won’t wash away the Rid-X entirely, giving it time to work on pipe walls resulting in a better breakdown. If the pipes are clogged, one can use the flush with Rid-X, as the breakdown will occur because of Rid-X and water pressure.

What Is Rid-X Good For?

Rid-X can eliminate many things that clog up toilet pipes and septic tanks. Some of them include the following: 

  • Eliminate Toilet Paper
    Rid-X consists of cellulase. It can break down toilet paper. It dissolves the toilet paper within a few minutes of coming in contact with it.
  • Eliminate Grease
    Rid-X breaks down grease because of the enzymes in it. It first breaks down the grease and then dissolves it entirely in water.
  • Clears Clogs
    Besides eliminating grease and paper, Rid-X dissolves organic matter as well. Organic matter is the most likely cause of clogging in toilets.
  • Break Down Fats, Oils, And Starch
    Any organic matter can be eliminated using Rid-X. Additionally, it breaks down fats, oil, and even starch. Therefore, it certainly helps in unclogging the septic tank and pipes.

Rid-X Alternatives: Natural and Chemical Solutions for a Healthy Septic System

There are alternatives to Rid-X in case it is hard to procure.

  • Baking Soda Sugar
    Ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, and lemon work great for cleaning the plumbing fixtures and septic tank. Mix half a cup of vinegar and a quarter cup of baking soda and pour it directly into the toilet or the pipes. Then add two tablespoons of lemon juice over it.
    Let the mixture be for a few minutes. It breaks down grime and dirt. The acidity of the lemon juice masks any foul odor. One can flush the toilet or pour water after 10 minutes. This mixture is an excellent replacement for Rid-X.
  • Sugar Solution
    One can use cornmeal, dry yeast, water, and sugar instead of Rid-X. Boil half a gallon of water and mix 2 cups of sugar in it. Let it reach room temperature before adding 2 cups of cornmeal. After that, mix it and add three packs of dry yeast. Pour it into the toilet and leave it for 10 minutes before flushing it.
    Do not use the toilet for 5 hours; flush it before use. This solution can eliminate bacteria and break down organic waste clogging up the septic tank or pipes.
  • Chemical-Based Septic Cleaners
    Chemical septic cleaners use Sodium bicarbonate as the active agent. When one adds it to the septic tank, the ph level of the tank becomes neutral rather than acidic resulting in faster bacterial growth, which decomposes the organic matter faster.
    Besides sodium bicarbonate, some other cleaners use chemical surfactants, reducing friction between molecules and increasing the flow. The flow often increases to such an extent that treating solids is impossible before they flow out of the tank.
    That is why it is best to avoid chemical septic tank cleaners.

Can You Use Septic Cleaner In A Regular Toilet?

Yes, septic cleaners like Rid-X can be used to clean regular toilets but with limited effectiveness. The procedure is simple. Just flush it in the toilet. The quantity will depend on the size of the toilet and the amount of water. Other chemical-based solutions are also available, but those are harsh on the pipes and can lead to corrosion in the long run. Rid-X, on the other hand, consists of natural bacteria and enzymes, which is why it is safer. 

Can You Use Too Much Septic Treatment?

Rid-X consists of natural enzymes and bacteria. While it is advisable to use only once a month, it has no side effects, even when used at a higher frequency. On the flip side, if one uses it more frequently, there won’t be any clogging, and the sludge inside the septic tank will reduce, resulting in better drainage.

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