6 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Home Improvement Company

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People have different reasons why they may decide to improve their homes. It could be that you want to enhance its aesthetics, modernize it, or sell it. Whatever your reasons, it’s essential to ensure you have the best team involved in your home improvement.

There are numerous companies offering home improvement services, such as Nova Exteriors. Therefore, choosing from among these companies can be quite challenging. It helps if you’re ready with several vital questions that will help you settle for the best possible home improvement company.

This article will help you with that. It has put together some of the most important questions to ask before hiring a home improvement company. They include:

1. Do You Have A License For This Type Of Work?

This question should be the first on your list. You need to determine if the home improvement company you intend to hire is licensed in your state. Most contractors indicate their license number on their website. But it’s better to ask for a copy of the license so you can verify with the issuing agency if it’s current and if the contractor is in good standing.

Since only contractors who meet stringent state requirements are issued a license, you can be assured of their expertise and adherence to professional standards. In addition, licensed contractors are required by the state to carry worker’s compensation and general liability insurance. The insurance will cover the medical expenses if any of the workers happen to be injured in the course of the renovation. Also, if anything goes wrong during construction, the insurance company may cover the cost of damages.

To ensure the policy is active, you may secure a certificate of insurance from the insurance provider. 

2. Can I Have A List Of Your Past Projects And References?

Knowing the type of projects that a home improvement company has done in the past gives you an idea about their experience and expertise. After learning about the projects they usually undertake, you’ll be able to assess if they’re capable of handling your home improvement project.

It’s preferable to select a contractor who has completed several projects in your area because this means they’re familiar with local building codes.

Furthermore, it’s highly advisable to ask for a list of references. Talk to their former clients to get a first-hand account of the quality of the home improvement company’s work. You can inquire about the following:

  • What they consider the contractor’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Whether they would hire the company again
  • Whether the total cost incurred was within the budget
  • The level of professionalism received
  • The level of satisfaction with the contractor
  • The timeliness of project completion

The answers to the above questions will help you decide whether the prospective contractor is a good fit for your home improvement needs.

3. Can You Give An Itemized Bid?

Many contractors will readily give you a ballpark figure after going over the details of your home improvement project. However, a single figure is not very helpful as you have no idea of the cost of the specific aspects of the renovation project.

On the other hand, an itemized bid will give you a clearer picture of the costs involved in your project. The items that may be included in the bid are as follows:

  • Electrical work
  • Carpentry
  • Plumbing
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Painting
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Flooring installation
  • Roof installation

An itemized bid will also help you make some revisions to your home improvement plan if you wish to cut costs. The contractor should be able to give suggestions on less costly alternatives so you can stay within your budget.

Furthermore, an itemized bid allows you to compare the prices offered by different contractors, and from there, you can choose the one that seems right.

4. What Is The Estimated Timeframe For This Project?

It’s essential to know when your project will begin and end, especially if you need it completed by a specific date. It would be best if you inquired about situations that may possibly delay the project’s completion.

The home improvement company should give a realistic time frame given the extent of your home remodel or renovation. The more renovation is required, the more time is needed. 

Knowing how many projects the company is currently undertaking is also important. If the company has its hands full with other projects, it may not be able to give your home improvement project its full attention. It’s recommended to hire a company that can focus on your project to avoid delays and inconveniences.

5. Who Are Your Suppliers?

This is another critical question to ask before hiring a home improvement contractor. Home renovators typically have specific suppliers that they do business with. 

Knowing the suppliers will help you check the quality of materials that the contractor uses. If you aren’t satisfied with the quality of materials obtained from these suppliers, you may request the contractor to procure high-quality materials from another supplier.

As for the quality of materials, it’s best to inquire about the warranty for the materials to be used. The longer the warranty period, the higher the quality of materials.

6. How Do You Resolve Any Disagreements In Your Projects?

It’s everyone’s wish to have a smooth home renovation process. However, disagreements are sometimes inevitable as mistakes may arise even if the renovation company has your best interests at heart. Nonetheless, what matters is how the company deals with errors and potential conflict. 

How a company handles disputes is crucial as it determines whether the project will continue and how it will be conducted subsequently. Proper conflict resolution, such as holding an open dialogue, will help clarify what is expected of both parties.

Therefore, it’s always good to go for companies with excellent conflict resolution and communication skills.

Wrapping It Up

Asking the right questions before hiring a home improvement company is critical in every home renovation project. This will help you evaluate various contractors and select the one with the proper credentials and who can deliver the best results.

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